Account opening procedures

Before you open an account with Admiral Markets UK Ltd and start trading, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the documents pertaining to Admiral Markets UK Ltd. These serve to inform you about our legal responsibilities and our general business practices.

You can find 'General Terms' as well as other documents in our documents section below.

You can also request a copy of these documents by calling us directly at +44 (0) 20 7726 4003 or by sending us an email at

Documents needed for Individuals:

  1. Client agreement - automatically generated via your Traders Room once an application for a live account has been completed.
  2. ID and proof of address are not required from Low Risk Countries* - Austria, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom & UK Crown Dependencies (Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man)
  3. All other countries, Medium and High Risk, documents are required, **:

Proof of ID - Passport or government-issued ID card with photo;
Proof of residence - A bank statement or utility bill not older than 3 months old

* if Admiral Markets UK Ltd is not able to electronically verify and identify an individual from a low risk country we reserve the right to ask for proof of ID and/or proof of residence.
** Admiral Markets UK Ltd reserves the right to ask for ID documents to be certified or notarised and in some cases 2 proof of address.

Documents needed for legal entities:

  1. Passport or government-issued ID card with photo for Two of the company Directors
  2. Passport or ID Card from the Beneficiary owner(s) who is holding 25% or more of the company (if there is no beneficiary owner then complaince will chose to have a passport or ID card from anyone holding above 10%.)
  3. Proof of address within the past 3 months for EACH beneficiary owner/Director
  4. Completed and signed Client Application/Agreement for Legal Entity.
  5. Certificate of Incorporation/Registration
  6. Memorandum
  7. Articles of Association, etc. registered with all the changes, additions and confirmations of the appointment of the person(s) entitled to act on behalf of the legal entity
  8. Commercial registry OR latest Shareholders register (documents confirming the ownership structure of the legal entity, which must also include personal details of all ultimate beneficial owners.) (If the company is outside of the EU a Certificate of incumbency can be used).

To start your account opening procedure, please register in the Trader's Room.

Contracts & Documents

Documents to open an account

For an Individual person:

For a Legal Entity:

Documents describing the terms and conditions of Admiral Markets UK Ltd services

You should review, understand and accept these documents before submitting the Client Agreement

Additional documents