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Market Heat Map

You can use our “market radar” to track price movements & daily trading intelligence.View the largest movements in the markets on both the up and downsides. Stay in touch with long & short trading opportunities, Daily trends, Volatility and other key metrics. All data is drawn in real time from our Flagship Admiral.Markets account. Learn more.

Top Movers Today

See who are the top daily movers. This information will provide you with plenty of interesting trading opportunities. Movement on the market always attracts interest from the trading community.

Top movers in last 24 hours

The biggest movers (%) on FX and CFD markets in the last 24 hours.

Top movers yesterday

The biggest movers (%) on Forex and CFD markets yesterday.

Move vs range today

This chart shows you the most volatile instruments today.

Move vs range yesterday

This chart shows you the most volatile instruments from yesterday.

Last 48 hour moves

The most volatile trading instruments in the last 48 hours.

Last 2 day moves

The most volatile trading instruments from the past 2 days.

Currency moves

Today`s most volatile Forex instruments.

Currency ranges

Today`s Foreign Exchange market range.