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Admiral Markets Pro

Professional trading terms give you access to a number of exclusive benefits at no extra cost. Admiral Markets Pro service is for experienced CFD traders who are seeking for a truly premium trading experience. With higher leverage, loyalty programs and priority access to our products, Admiral Markets Pro is a choice for a seasoned trader.

  • Potential

    Professional clients get access to higher leverage and can use trading strategies which benefit from a greater exposure. Remember, high rewards come with high risks.**

  • Bonuses

    Earn cash rebates for your trading and get access to all existing and prospective incentives, discounts and rewards.

  • Protection

    Segregation of funds, ICF protection up to 20,000 EUR and Negative Balance Protection Policy with the maximum payout of 50,000 EUR. More...

  • Liberty

    Experience a higher degree of freedom when choosing your trading strategy, money management rules and level of risk appetite.

  • Priority

    Get early access to our new products and additional services first, before they are made available to other clients.

  • Best Execution

    We owe all our clients a duty of best execution and professional clients benefit from our Best Execution Policy. More...

Risk disclosure: Forex and CFD`s carry a high level of risk and losses may exceed your initial deposit. Admiral Markets recommends you seek advice from an independent financial advisor to ensure that you understand the risks involved with Forex, CFD’s, Margin and Leveraged trading. Additionally, please be advised to study our Key Information Documents in order to understand the nature, risks, costs, potential gains and losses of products offered by us.

Am I eligible for Admiral Markets Pro terms?

To be eligible for the Admiral Markets Pro service, you need to meet certain criteria. If you answer yes to two of three questions below, you could be eligible for Admiral Markets Pro.

  • Have you made 10 transactions of a significant size per quarter in the last year in relevant markets?

    Acceptable parameters

    • Markets: Forex, CFDs, spread bets or other financial instruments (e.g. shares, ETFs, futures, options and other derivatives).
    • Trade frequency: an average frequency of 10 transactions per quarter over the previous 4 quarters (in summary with Admiral Markets and/or other providers).
    • Trade sizes: a notional value of 10`000 EUR per trade for equities and 20`000 EUR per trade for Forex, CFDs and other financial instruments or equivalent in your local currency.
  • Does your portfolio of financial instruments exceed 500,000 EUR?

    Acceptable parameters

    • Portfolio structure: shares, shares ISA, ETFs, mutual funds, derivatives (only available cash deposits on your accounts or profits realised from investing in derivatives) and SIPP (excluding non-financial instruments), debt instruments and cash savings; does not include property, direct commodity ownership, company pension, non-tradeable assets, luxury cars and jewellry as well as notional values of leveraged instruments.
    • Portfolio size: over 500,000 EUR or equivalent in your local currency.
  • Have you worked in the financial sector for at least 1 year, including self-employment?

    Acceptable parameters

    • Position: a professional position in the financial sector (e.g. banking, financial services or self-employment), which requires knowledge of the transactions and services envisaged.
    • Work duration: at least 1 year.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between your standard service and Admiral Markets Pro?

    Admiral Markets Pro service is provided to professional clients and gives access to higher trading leverage, cash rebates and priority access to new products. While the standard service provided to retail clients is subject to a number of regulatory restrictions, Admiral Markets Pro allows experienced traders to access unrestricted terms and experience a higher degree of freedom in trading.

    Admiral Markets Pro is not an account - it is a set of trading terms and additional benefits which can be accessed by an eligible client with any CFD account, which includes Admiral.Markets, Admiral.MT5 and Admiral.Prime accounts.

    Both professional and retail clients get the same access to our trading platforms, instruments and trading tools and have the same spreads, commissions and daily financing. There is no difference in terms of any costs.

  • What if I am not eligible for Admiral Markets Pro?

    If you are not eligible for Admiral Markets Pro, you can still trade thousands of financial instruments in the world`s most popular trading platforms, MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5, on the standard retail trading terms. Remember, you can apply to professional terms later, when the eligibility criteria are met. Learn more...
  • Do Admiral Markets Pro clients get the same protections as retail clients?

    Protections similar to those available to retail clients:

    • Segregated funds: as with a retail account, we will hold and maintain an amount equal to your account in a segregated money bank account.
    • Deposit protection by ICF: as with a retail account, you can be compensated by the Investor Compensation Fund on up to 20,000 EUR you hold with us.
    • Use of CySEC: as with a retail account, you are able to complain to the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission if you are dissatisfied with the result of a complaint to us.

    In addition, either professional and retail clients get access to our exclusive Volatility Protection Settings service, which helps minimise the risks connected to market volatility.

  • Which protections are different or not available to professional clients?

    Protections different from those available to retail clients:

    • No leverage restrictions: as a professional client, you won`t be subject to the leverage restrictions and will be able to use a higher leverage; by doing so, you can amplify your gains and losses.
    • Negative balance protection: you can get a maximum coverage of 50,000 EUR for your netted account deficits as per our Negative Balance Protection Policy, while retail clients have no such limit and are covered on per-account basis.
    • Communications and risk warnings: we will have a option to communicate with you using a professional language; also, we may not issue a risk warning when we get in touch or promote a new product.
  • Why the CFD leverage is restricted?

    The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has restricted leverage to between 1:30 and 1:2 for retail clients, considering that high leverage is not suitable for this client category.

    These restrictions do not apply to Admiral Markets Pro clients, who are classified as professional clients. Professional clients can access a x17 - x25 higher leverage of up to 1:500 for CFDs on currencies, indices, metals and oil. So, whereas the requirement to 1 lot on EURUSD for a professional client is 200 EUR, it is 3,333.33 EUR for a retail one.

  • What is included in my `financial instruments portfolio`?

    Your financial instruments portfolio may include shares, ETFs, mutual funds, derivatives (only available cash deposits on your accounts or profits realised from investing in derivatives), debt instruments and cash savings.

    Your financial instruments portfolio does not include property, direct commodity ownership, company pension, non-tradeable assets, luxury cars and jewelry as well as notional values of leveraged instruments.

    The portfolio size needs to be over 500,000 EUR or equivalent in your local currency.

  • Do I need to open an account before I can upgrade to Admiral Markets Pro?

    If you are a new client, you can apply for professional categorisation at the same time as applying for an account in Trader`s Room. You will receive two confirmations by email, one for your account application and another one for your professional categorisation. You are free to start trading on retail terms while you are waiting for approval of your application to Admiral Markets Pro.

    If you already have a CFD account with us (account types: Admiral.Markets, Admiral.MT5 or Admiral.Prime), you can apply to Admiral Markets Pro now in Trader`s Room, if you think you may be eligible.

  • How will I know when I`ve been upgraded from a retail account to Admiral Markets Pro?

    We`ll contact you by email to notify you when your application to become a professional client has been approved and you have switched to Admiral Markets Pro. Your login credentials for trading platforms will remain the same. Remember, while you are waiting for access to Admiral Markets Pro, you can still trade on your standard retail account.

  • What are the tax implications of upgrading to Admiral Markets Pro?

    Switching to Admiral Markets Pro does not change the nature of financial products we provide to you so there are no tax implications. For any specific, individual case or personal questions about your tax obligations please contact a tax advisor of your choice.

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Not eligible for Admiral Markets Pro?

You can still trade over 3,000 markets in the world`s most popular trading platforms, MetaTrader 4 & 5, with access to our exclusive MT Supreme Edition and Volatility Protection Settings, market news and analysis by Dow Jones Newswires and free education.

* This data refers to Admiral Markets Group.

** It is important to note that a higher leverage also means higher risks. You need to fully understand the practical reason for trading with higher leverage and, if you`re doing so, to always keep your account sufficiently funded.


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