Retail and Professional Trading Terms

Find out the key benefits and trade-offs of retail and professional trading terms.

Retail Trading Terms


Full negative balance protection

As a retail client, you receive an unconditional compensation of any account deficits resulting from your trading.

Stronger regulatory protection

As a retail client, you benefit from all the regulatory protections given to retail clients.


Increased margin requirements (reduced leverage)

As a retail client, you have a regulatory requirement to trade at 17-25 times higher margin rates than those available to professional clients, with the maximum leverage of 1:30 for currency pairs and 1:20 for indices.

No access to bonus programs

As a retail client, you have a regulatory restriction for receiving any trading incentives such as cashback, rebates or discounts.

Professional Trading Terms

Margin Requirements for Most Popular Instruments

Professional margin requirements for 1 lot (leverage up to 1:500)
Retail margin requirements for 1 lot (leverage up to 1:30)
Gold spot price at 1,300 USD
Germany DAX30
DAX30 Price at 11,500 EUR
WTI crude oil
WTI futures price at 70 USD
How to proceed?
Retail Terms

If you are willing to trade on retail terms, please register in Trader`s Room and just skip the Professional application step in the account opening form.

Professional Terms

If you are willing to trade on professional terms, please register in Trader`s Room and fill the Professional application form when opening an account.

Upgrade Your Terms

If you already have an account with us and you`re willing to switch to professional terms, please submit a form in the `Professional Terms` tab in Trader`s Room.

Questions and Answers

  • Why is there a leverage limit on retail terms?

    Retail accounts have a limited leverage because of the conclusions made by the European Securities Markets Authority (ESMA), according to which most traders tend to be unprofitable, while a higher leverage increases both rewards and risks.

    Trading in financial markets is a complex area, which requires extensive learning and dedication in order to succeed and there is no easy money at all, just like elsewhere.

    Due to restrictions on the maximum leverage, as a retail client you need 17-25 times more funds for margin collateral so you are less likely to overexpose your account or use trading strategies with high risk/reward ratios, such as scalping or news trading.

  • Why is there a restriction for bonus payments on retail terms?

    Retail clients do not receive any rebates, cashback and other bonuses because these benefits incentivise trading, while it is observed by ESMA that trading in financial markets is a highly risky activity and may not be appropriate for everyone.

    Following this approach, only professional clients are eligible for bonus payments.

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