Professional Trading Terms

How to proceed?
Retail Terms

If you would like to benefit from the extra protection afforded to retail clients, please register in Dashboard and just skip the Professional application step in the account opening form.

Professional Terms

If you are eligible to become a Professional client, please register in Dashboard and fill the Professional application form when opening an account.

Existing Clients

If you already have an account with us and and you’re eligible to become a Professional client, please submit a form in the `Professional Terms` tab in Dashboard.

Questions and Answers

Retail accounts have a limited leverage because of the conclusions made by the European Securities Markets Authority (ESMA), according to which most traders tend to be unprofitable, while a higher leverage increases both rewards and risks.

Retail clients do not receive any rebates, cashback and other bonuses because these benefits incentivise trading, while it is observed by ESMA that trading in financial markets is a highly risky activity and may not be appropriate for everyone.

When trading on margin,there is the possibility that the balance (or value) of your account can go negative,if the market(s) in which you have a position gaps abruptly.

Retail terms provide a full protection against negative balances and professional terms have a limit of 50,000 EUR for covering negative balances, as per our Policy.

According to statistics of Admirals Group, the average compensation of negative balances made in 2017 was 89 EUR.