Trading Roundup: PayPal – An Oldie but a Goldie

June 22, 2018 14:20

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Have you ever given a thought to how fast technology actually moves? There are new developments every single day of our increasingly computerised lives.

One of the most basic things, payment, is a very vivid example. Fewer and fewer people are using real cash. We're clearly on the road to a cashless future considering the growing number of cashless payment options.

Why the preamble? There's one stock that's been steadily on the rise – PayPal. The company is no doubt the benchmark for the cashless transactions. The platform was one of the first digital providers of bank-like solutions, i.e., sending money and processing payments.

Today, PayPal boasts 227 million accounts worldwide and processes $2.2 billion transactions on a quarterly basis. Its stock is up 140% since its July 2015 spin-off. These are fascinating numbers, but let's now have a more detailed look at the latest movements of PayPal share CFD price!

Overview of PayPal Share CFD Price

Bullish Pennant for Uptrend Continuation

Source: #PYPL, H8 chart, Admiral Markets MT5 with MT5 add-on, Jun 2018

The massive uptrend in the PayPal share price could continue. The H8 time frame shows a structured bullish pennant; in the short run, we could see a spike after a potential retest of the POC zone. If we don't see a POC zone retest but rather a candle close above Monthly H3 (M H3) resistance, the share price could bounce to 89.14 and 91.54. Only a strong momentum or a daily candle close above 91.54 should start a new rally towards 97.07 – the strongest Monthly Pivot Point (M H5).

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