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FX4: New Pricing System Will Be Available Starting from February 15th! 2010.02.08

February 08, 2010 19:16

Dear Customers,

We would like to introduce to you our new pricing formula that will be available starting from Monday February 15th for all accounts:

FX4 = Floating Spreads + FiXed Maximums + 4-digit Quotes

Floating Spreads - means rounded interbank spreads starting from 1 pip! In fact, we reduce all FX spreads by 30-50%!

Fixed Maximums - means that daytime maximal spreads will be limited to respective fixed (type, approve, publish, title, alias, summary, content, published_at, created_at, country_id, language_id, ocompany_id, author_id, category_id) VALUES that we quoted before; i.e. the spread on USDJPY will be never wider than 2 pips!

4-digit Quotes - means that we will switch the pricing to 4 digits after the dot (1.3701)*, as now we know that such pricing is most appreciated by customers.

Please read the below table for a better view of FX4: 

Symbol Daytime
EURUSD 1 2 5 1-2 5
GBPUSD 2 3 5 2-3 5
USDJPY 1 2 5 1-2 5
USDCAD 3 4 6 3-4 6
USDCHF 2 3 5 2-3 5
AUDUSD 2 3 5 5 5
NZDUSD 3 5 7 7 7

For the full list of spreads please follow this link.

As you see in the above example, the spread on most liquid pairs (EURUSD, USDJPY) will be 1-2 at all times. Less liquid pairs, such as NZDUSD, can be quoted with fixed overnight spread, but will also switch to FX4 during EU and US sessions.

We have deduced the FX4 formula out of continuous marketing research and analysis of various test offers we did in different regions, and we believe that this is probably the best way to compromise the safety of fixed spreads with advantages of the floating ones, with the level of customer's comfort remaining unchanged.


  - please be aware that starting from Monday February 15th all FX pairs will be switched to 4-digit pricing (e.g. 1.3701 for EURUSD; 89.48 for USDJPY);