Asset Management

As a professional Asset Manager or manager of a small Hedge fund, you need a secure and customizable platform for efficient cooperation with your Investors.

We are excited to offer you the most innovative and secure Asset Management platform in partnership with Finexware.


Meet the new Asset Management Platform

It’s an intuitive, high-end platform that allows you step into Asset Management business without the huge costs of the heavy infrastructure. You can fully customise your platform appearance and the terms of cooperation with your investors.

Asset Management
As an Asset Manager, you can:
  • Have your own branded professional Asset Manager platform
  • Set up flexible commission models (Performance fee, Management fee, Subscription fee) with automated periodical payments
  • Provide your investors with a great service with a high level of convenience, detail and visualisation
  • Get deep liquidity from Admirals for 8,000+ of the most desirable trading instruments including the top stocks, ETFs, and CFDs
Your Investors will get:
  • A user-friendly platform with great visualisation of data and portfolio performance
  • Flexible control of risk settings and limits
  • The ability to follow any of your strategies with their own risk settings and to compose a portfolio of strategies

Client Success

ND Capital
ND Capital

ND Capital is a Swiss Asset Management company specialising in fully automated trading systems. The goal was to create its investment platform which will help its customers to track their performance in real-time and invest in new strategies.


Find out more about Asset Management

If you have questions about Asset Management, we have the answers! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions. If you don`t find the answer you`re looking for, contact our Customer Support.

Asset Management and Copy Trading are different products for different traders.

First of all, as an Asset Manager you receive your own branded version of the Platform. With Copy Trading service, you use the common Admirals infrastructure.

Asset Management is full Account Management (the Investor cannot trade on his account). As for Copy Trading, at the same time, Subscribers can use Copy Trading and trade in their account themselves. Also, Subscribers can close or modify orders that have been copied.

To become an Asset Manager you need to provide the relevant documents proving your track record and capabilities, then Finexware and Admirals have to check that the potential Asset Manager meets all the requirements. Feel free to contact for any queries.

Asset Manager will be able to set the commissions themselves:

  • Performance Fee:up to 50%
  • Management Fee: up to 5% from AUM (Amount under Management)
  • Subscription fee: up to 300$ per month

Please complete the “Try the platform" box and you will receive 2 emails: one from Admirals and one from Finexware. Please open the email from Finexware and follow the instructions.

There are both live and demo versions.

First, you need to register for the demo version of the platform (you can do it through our “Try the platform" box). After registering and logging into the platform, you can order a licence for live mode.

Deposits and Withdrawals procedure is the same as for all other account types.

No, as it’s a conflict of interest. Asset Managers can be receiving only Performance, Management and Subscription fees, while IBs are getting their standard remuneration.

This is not currently planned.