13 years of excitement from Bitcoin

January 03, 2022 14:30

Dear trader


Today marks the anniversary of an important day in finance history: let's all congratulate Bitcoin on its 13th birthday

In just 13 years, Bitcoin has changed the face of global economics by being the vanguard of decentralised, digital currencies. There have been historic rises and some catastrophic crashes we all watched it recover from. Bitcoin's shakeup of the financial industry has led to social movements around the globe, even being named a national currency of El Salvador, as well as garnering the close attention of the current richest man alive, Elon Musk. 

All this excitement and history means one thing to traders: volatility. Volatility is a day trader's best friend, allowing traders to find opportunities on a minute-to-minute basis. And with CFDs on Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, you can trade, all the rises and crashes, depending on your trading style. Explore Admirals' cryptocurrency offering, and get started trading the most exciting asset class today! 


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