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81% maloprodajnih računov izgubi denar pri trgovanju s CFD-ji pri tem ponudniku. CFDji so kompleksni instrumenti in prinašajo visoko tveganje izgube denarja zaradi vzvodov. 81% maloprodajnih investitorjev izgubi denar pri trgovanju s CFD-ji tem ponudniku. Dobro razmislite ali razumete, kako delujejo CFDji in ali si lahko privoščite tako veliko tveganje izgube svojega denarja. expand_more

Spremembe zahtevanega kritja(margine) ob volitvah v Nemčiji in Novi Zelandiji

September 22, 2017 12:19

Dear Trader,

This weekend's general elections in Germany and New Zealand may result in the market experiencing high volatility across a number of Forex and CFD instruments.

As a responsible broker, it's our duty to inform you of all potential events that may disrupt the market, such as the upcoming elections in Germany and New Zealand, which will potentially impact instruments including EUR and NZD, as well as correlated volatile currencies, such as GBP. These markets may not be as liquid as normal during the periods before and after the elections. Your pending orders can be filled with substantial slippage from requested levels due to potential price gaps that may appear after the weekend.

It is for this reason that, for the period from 21:00 EET on Friday 22 September, 2017, to 10:00 EET on Monday 25 September, 2017, our margin requirements will be changed as follows:

  • FX Majors, FX Minors, FX Exotics & Pairs with CHF - the maximum leverage will be reduced to 1:200.
  • [ASX200], [DAX30], [DJI30], [FTSE100], #Bund, #USTNote - the maximum leverage will be reduced to 1:100.
  • [AEX25], [CAC40], [IBEX35], [MDAX50], [TECDAX30], [OBX25], [SMI20], [STOXX50] - the maximum leverage will be reduced to 1:50.

Please note that the above changes will be applied to both new and existing positions.

Please also note that the above changes to the maximum leverage do not replace the current pre-close terms, as specified in our Contract Specifications.

We may also adopt other approaches if deemed appropriate and feasible, under the given circumstances, potentially including initiating the 'Close Only' mode for undetermined periods of time. Where practicable, we will issue you with a corresponding update.

To find out more about the upcoming German federal election and to track media sentiment and read our professional analysis, take a look at our dedicated election webpage.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your local customer support team or your account manager.

Kind regards,

Admiral Markets