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Neighbours, trade partners and rivals: a history of the pound-euro relationship

This article is going to take a look at the currency conversion history of the euro against the pound.

EUR/GBP is an important FX cross by virtue of the popularity and importance of the two currencies involved.

Why are these currencies so popular?

The first reason is the size of...

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The Russian financial crisis and the ruble rout

As hard as it may be to believe, we are closing in on ten years since the start of the global financial crisis.

The path of recovery since the end of the financial crisis has been slow. Many economies are still struggling with the same structural problems that contributed to...

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A special relationship: the pound dollar history

The GBP vs. USD history is a long one… rich and interesting as any currency pair you care to name.

Trade has been going on between these two currencies for so long that there is no way to state any kind of value for an original pound dollar exchange...

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Price shock: when the Swiss National Bank unpegged the Swiss franc from the euro

How often do Black Swan events occur?

In the last decade, those rare, unanticipated events that seem to turn what we know on its head have been surprisingly frequent.

Far from being once-in-a-generation occurrences, in just the last ten years we have seen:

  1. a global financial crisis
  2. the rouble rout...

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​5 Skills Traders can Learn from Superforecasters

Dear Traders,

All of us enjoy making forecasts to some degree. For instance, have you ever seen a sport match and said "I bet that person will miss"? If you have, this means you were trying to forecast a particular sequence of actions.

As a matter of fact, humans make...

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