Make data-driven trading decisions with TipRanks in Our App

October 11, 2022 10:54

Dear Investors,

Make data-driven trading decisions with TipRanks analysis, now available on Admirals App!

What can you do with the new service? Click on the stock in our app to see ratings from leading analysts.

TipRanks is trusted by millions of investors worldwide. It tracks and measures the performance of over 96,000 financial experts from Wall Street analysts to hedge funds and financial bloggers.

Wall Street’s Top Analysts

Supplement your investment decisions by focusing with laser-sharp accuracy on the quality analysis you need.

Wall Street’s top analysts are ranked by name, sector, price targets, success rate and average return. Follow your favourites in our app!

Analysts’ Top Stocks

Find the most recommended stocks by expert analysts and gain investment ideas while staying up to date with the latest market intelligence.

Back up your own research

Support your own research with TipRanks analysts’ consensus and stock performance rankings.

We’re proud to partner with TipRanks and give you the tools you need to invest like an expert.

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