Important Information Regarding Crude Oil CFDs

April 22, 2020 11:00

Dear Traders,

Considering the record volatility of crude oil and the occurrence of negative prices on the US oil market, please consider the following changes to trading terms and conditions:

1. Overnight fees (swaps)

We remind all investors seeking exposure to the underlying oil market that Swap rates on spot CFDs are subject to significant changes as long as imbalances in oil supply and demand remain.

You can find the information on applicable swap values as well as other trading terms in the Contract Specifications section of our website. Please check it before you establish new positions or increase your exposure to oil markets.

2. New instruments

New futures CFDs have been made available to clients with Trade.MT5 accounts from April 22, 2020:

  1. _CrudeOilUK_Z0 - Brent crude oil futures CFD, Dec 2020
  2. _CrudeOilUS_Z0 - WTI crude oil futures CFD, Dec 2020

3. Maximum exposure limit

A maximum exposure limit of 20,000 EUR, or equivalent in another currency, is applied to all spot and futures CFDs on crude oil.

Exposure limit is the maximum absolute value of the position you are allowed to take in your account. So if the current WTI spot price is $8.60 (approx €8), and each our contracts (i.e. 1 full lot) represents 100 barrels of oil, you would be able to open up to 20,000 eur / 8 eur / 100 = 25 lots

4. Emergency plan

  1. If any crude oil CFDs prices fall below 5 USD, we will enable 'Close Only' mode and stop accepting new orders.
  2. If any crude oil CFDs prices fall to 0 USD, we will stop pricing these CFDs, and close all positions at the current market prices and cancel all pending orders.

We highly recommend carefully assessing your risk appetite as the situation surrounding the crude oil market is very unstable. Trade responsibly.

Kind Regards,

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