Admirals partners with Leaders for Climate Action

December 17, 2021 12:00

Dear traders


Admirals is always committed to doing more. We have discussed our green initiatives in the past, and in keeping with our promise, we are proud to announce that Admirals has partnered with Leaders for Climate Action

Learn more about this partnership, and how Admirals is working for our future! 


Why has Admirals joined the LFCA

The LFCA helps business leaders turn into corporate climate leaders. They will help us in our mission to inspire and influence positive change with policy makers and our community.  


Use your superpowers to make a difference

We are now able to collaborate not just with businesses within our own sector, but across all kinds of industries, as our shared climate mission affects us all.  

So we have taken the Green Pledge, and are going to leverage our new network to help create innovative solutions and participate in exciting events to help accelerate climate action.  

Our first steps were to become certified as a carbon-neutral company and are now sponsoring three fantastic green initiatives, and expanding our scope to include new ESG rated products, using more renewable energy, and much, much more. 

Remember: think globally, act locally. Make a difference, and trade green with Admirals


Kind regards, 


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