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Brandie E Blackler

Personal finance management is a 'taboo' topic for many; simply put, finances scare most people – but why is that? 

Generally speaking, people fear what they don't understand – and it seems that finances are on the top of the list. But what if you changed your mindset and had a different perspective when it came to money management? What if you could manage your investing in a better way?

With the right trading toolsinvesting and management products and overall concept of various trading strategies, this taboo topic all of a sudden seems to make a lot of sense. Personal finance management, day to day and investments, are not topics to shy away from, but topics to embrace, as doing such will lead you to an organized path of success.


What Assets Can I Trade and Invest In? 

The options in both trading and investing are vast; what options do you have for trading the markets? What options do you have for long term investing? To effectively maintain both wealth and investment management, this is often where the journey starts.

To embark on your journey to reach 'financial freedom', however you define it, you first need to understand your goals. From a general standpoint, it is best to have a strategy which encompasses both. Short term gains and long-term growth could be seen as the golden solution. 

Forex: Foreign exchange, also known as Forex, is certainly one of the most popular methods of trading. There are many financial markets and currency pairs which have valuable movement from both a Buy and Sell perspective. 

Admirals offers over 40+ Contracts For Difference (CFDs) on currency pairs, which gives you plenty of exposure and the security to know we are a regulated broker. Execution is done within milliseconds and you have the option to trade from 0 pips. The added option of leverage is also an advantage which should be reviewed and considered. 

If you are new to Forex, have a look at this beginner's video, below, to learn more. Be sure not to miss out on our many educational videos on our YouTube channel (don't forget to Subscribe): 

Stock Share CFDs: Similar to Forex CFDs, we also offer trading on popular Stock CFDs. While the market has been more volatile than usual over the last 12 months, which is something to consider in your risk management, you can always uncover good trading opportunities in this as well. 

Tesla, Facebook, Disney, Apple, Microsoft... These major companies along with many others can be traded via our CFDs. Admirals offers Share CFDs on companies within the US, UK and Europe, again offering plenty of diversity for your CFD trading strategy.

Stock SharesAs we offer Share CFDs, we also make available the option to invest in the direct company asset via shares. This is generally more suitable if you're looking to invest for long-term growth. 

An excellent benefit of investing in the stocks directly, in comparison to trading share CFDs, is that you will be paid dividends if you are holding shares within a company that allows such.

As mentioned previously, it is all about a combined approach of both short- and long-term point of view; this is why we make it possible to do both. 

Crypto CFDs (Only available to our Admiral Markets Cyprus Ltd and Admiral Markets Pty Ltd users): There has been plenty of action in the media and on the market when it comes to cryptocurrency. Likely the most volatile asset of them all (which you must consider for your risk tolerance), traders find this instrument particularly interesting. 

We proudly offer 30+ currency and crypto cross-pair CFDs to our Admiral Markets Cyprus Ltd and Admiral Markets Pty Ltdusers, giving our users the option to diversify and modernize with this asset class. We also offer an extensive guide on how to trade cryptocurrency CFDs, if you'd like to make yourself more familiar. 

Trade CFDs on digital currencies

Trade 30+ top digital currency pairs with Admirals

ETFs: ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are a growingly popular investment for traders of all levels.

Like with stock shares, we offer both ETF CFDs and ETFs, which in theory can work well in both the short-term and long-term strategy; CFDs are more ideal for short-term, whereas regular ETFs are valid as a long-term investment vehicle. Learn more about What are ETFs? In our dedicated educational article. 

Bonds: Bonds are known to have typically low volatility, which are suitable for most types of investors and even traders. With high liquidity and legal protection, they are also seen as 'safer' in comparison to stocks. 

In terms of variety, there is a good amount and hence various bonds can suit the different needs of investors. However, since a bond is basically an instrument of debt, they can hold the disadvantage of risk of prepayment and reinvestment risk, credit risk, inflation risk and so on. You can read more about the different types of bonds here

Admirals offers the options to both Buy and Sell Bond CFDs, with some of the most popular being the 10-year US Treasury Note Futures CFD and the 10-year Germany Bund Futures CFD.

Are you new to world of trading and investing? Before you commit real capital, it is advised that you first get familiar with trading by using a free demo account: 

Trade with a risk-free demo account

Practise trading with virtual funds

Top 5 Trading Instruments 

At Admirals, you may be aware that you have the option to trade and invest in over 8,000+ trading instruments. If you are a beginner trader, this may come as overwhelming, which is why we like to showcase and point out the most popular instruments – Most importantly, the top 5 trading instruments. 

1. EUR/USD  Trade the Euro vs US Dollar CFD pair 
2. DAX40  Trade the DAX40 CFD with competitive trading terms 
3. DJI30 Trade the Dow Jones Index CFD against the US Dollar 
4. GBP/USD  Trade the Great Britain Pound against the US Dollar 
5. Gold  Trade CFDs on Gold against the US Dollar 

The Option of Leverage 

Using leverage in addition to your margin in your trading efforts can be beneficial, but this option also comes with a substantial amount of risk to your capital. 

Every Admirals retail trader has access to limited leverage by default. 

Depending on the instrument you are trading with will determine your leverage ratio – anything from 1:2 to 1:30 for those within the CySec region. It is important to always review the Contract Specifications before you trade any listed instrument, so you can be aware of the risks. 

What Trading and Investing Tools are Available? 

As any good trader will tell you, the tools you use to analyse and hence trade the markets are key to your success. It is ideal to understand your tool box, how to make them work for you and how they can work together. 

For the traders at Admirals, we offer various free trading tools which are well-known and reliable within the trading industry. These being third-party tools, there is also a full transparency factor which we consider important in regards to trust and security. 

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5Mostly all traders with relative experience on the markets will be aware of MetaTrader 4 and 5. They are both excellent tools for analysing the various markets and when connected to your Admirals account, you can execute and manage your trades seamlessly.

Learn more about shortcuts for both MT4 and MT5 here

MetaTrader Supreme EditionTo further complement the above trading tool, you have the Supreme Edition plugin for MT4 and MT5. The SE plugin allows for advanced technical analysis as well as valuable analyst opinion on the markets.

MetaTrader VPS: The MetaTrader Virtual Private Server (VPS) serves its purpose by allowing you to perform tasks in a completely private and secure manner. It is integrated directly into the MT4 and MT5 platforms. 

Read more in our guide here

StereoTraderA trading panel as a part of the MetaTrader family, this additional tool brings unique functions and improved automation. For example, you can use multiple trading strategies within one instrument using the StereoTrader tool.

Learn more about how to use this tool here

Trading AppLast but certainly not least, it is crucial to also mention the Admirals Trading App – a mobile app where you can manage all of your trading activity within one place. As our in-house app, you can manage all of your positions and market quotes easily and without the need of a laptop, which is becoming a more convenient reality. 

Personal Finance Management: What is the Cohesive Approach? 

We've covered all of the many assets and instruments you can trade, with the tools you need to make the most informed decisions, but what about over personal finance management? 

As of 2021, Admirals has launched both the Admirals Wallet and Admirals Card, so you can truly have all of your activity within one place and easily accessible. 

Admirals WalletYour Admirals Wallet is connected directly to your account via the Dashboard, giving you the option to deposit and withdrawal funds at your convenience. As you may imagine, having your Dashboard and Trading App connected to your own Admirals Wallet makes your trading experience much more seamless, and thus the aspect of money management also becomes more streamlined. 

We have a detailed tutorial of the Admirals Wallet available here.

Admiral Markets Card (Only available to our Admiral Markets Cyprus Ltd users): And how about when you're venturing through the physical world? The Admiral Markets Visa card is both a virtual and physical card which you may use to spend your funds anywhere you like which accepts Visa. Connected to your Dashboard, it is the extra step forward for convenience and effective money management. 

See here more a detailed tutorial on the Admiral Markets Card


We hope you have made it to the end of this article with a lighter feeling and more positive mindset towards personal finance management.

While it may be a long shot to say everything is 'easy', with the right tools and approach, it can be incredibly organized to the point where your personal process becomes natural. Practice also makes perfect, as they say – the more you follow these money and trading management guidelines, the easier it does become.

If you haven't already, sign up with us today and start implementing steps towards overall cohesive financial and investment management.

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