How to Invest in Coca Cola Shares And Dividends in 2023

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Are Coca Cola Shares worth watching in 2023? The leading soft drinks company has been paying out dividends for decades, each time at a higher value, in addition to earning impressive returns. This makes it an attractive investment.

It is one of the most well-known brands in the world, even more well-known than Apple or Microsoft! It is present at major sporting events such as the Football World Cup, the Olympic Games, and the Tour de France, to the point where it encourages the public to continue consuming it. 

It even managed to impose its colors on the Christmas tradition! It is ubiquitous in the shopping trolley of households around the world.

✺ Coca Cola is part of the Dividend Aristocrats group.

✺ Coca Cola shares are currently in a bullish channel. 

✺ There are two ways to invest in Coca Cola: buying spot shares or trading CFDs on the upside and downside.

With its flagship product, Coca Cola, remains the undisputed leader in the soft drink industry. What is remarkable is that it has not even applied for a patent on the production of its favorite beverage. The Coca-Cola Company, in fact, has turned Coca-Cola's secret recipe into a marketing weapon: delicious and unbeatable!

It also avoids the risk of its recipe becoming public, as a means of protecting itself from increasingly aggressive competition.

All this helps Coca Cola's shares perform well on the stock market.

Coca Cola's History on the Stock Exchange

Founded in Atlanta in 1892 by Asa Griggs Candler, Coca Cola is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock code NYSE: KO and has a market capitalization of $260,199 million as of 21 February 2023.

The main attraction for those who want to invest in Coca Cola is the steady upward trend of its share price, as we can see in the chart below:

Another reason for buying Coca Cola shares is its dividend. Attractive yields and dividends are likely to be maintained over time. Let's look at this in more detail below.

Coca Cola Dividends

What motivates investors to buy Coca Cola shares is the steady growth of its dividend every year since 1963.

Coca Cola is part of the Aristocrats to Dividend. Its shares also belong to the popular Dividend King category, as Coca Cola's dividend has increased for more than 50 consecutive years, namely 60 years. However, it should be noted that, as we can see in the graph (green line), earnings per share have suffered falls, such as in 2017 and 2020.

Source: Guru Focus - Coca Cola Stock Dividend History - Period: 28 December 1990 to 28 December 2022 - Chart captured on 21 February 2023 

Those who have lived through more corrections and downturns understand that it is more difficult to lose money if the stock you invest in pays a consistent dividend, and in the case of Coca Cola, these dividends have been increasing for 60 years in a row. 

Coca-Cola shares can be an option for a long-term investor looking to build a passive income stream because they are assured to pay out increasing dividends regardless of market conditions. Particularly given that volatility is lower than that of its benchmark index, the S&P 500.

We know that having a percentage of safe haven stocks in your portfolio, which guarantees stable returns, is always a good strategy, regardless of your investor profile and risk appetite or aversion. 

In any case, investing in stocks such as Coca Cola, which pays higher dividends every year, can certainly be considered an interesting idea. That is why, although we have seen better returns from other stocks, Coca Cola is a must-have for most fund managers.

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When Does Coca Cola Pay Dividends? 

Coca Cola dividends are paid quarterly. In 2022 the annual dividend was $1.76 per share, up from $1.68 per share in 2021. This amounts to a quarterly dividend of $0.44 per Coca Cola share.

Coca Cola's first quarter 2023 dividend will be paid on 3 April to shareholders of record on 16 March (ex-dividend date). The dividend will be $0.46 per share. 

Coca Cola's dividend policy is therefore attractive to investors.

2 Ways to Invest in Coca Cola with Admirals

Purchasing Coca-Cola stock is a long-term investment. This means investing in a solid company that has proven its worth and is still growing after more than a century in business. While Coca-Cola share prices are high, they are a good reflection of Coca-Cola stock's value and strength in the stock market. 

If you're wondering where to buy Coca Cola shares, the answer is Admirals!

Here are two ways to invest in Coca Cola shares, depending on your interests: 

  • Invest.MT5 account: this tailor-made account for long-term investors allows you to invest in Coca Cola and over 4000 other stocks with no maintenance fees. 
  • Trade.MT5 account: for trading Coca Cola CFDs. You will be able to trade this company both upwards and downwards.

Regardless of the account used, to buy Coca Cola shares follow the steps below:

  1. Open a demo or live account 
  2. Download the MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 platform depending on the account you have chosen. 
  3. Login with your MetaTrader trading account details 
  4. Right-click on the Market Watch tab 
  5. Go to Symbols and type Coca Cola in the search bar 
  6. Select the Coca Cola Company stock and click on Display Symbol 
  7. Click on New Order 

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Technical Analysis of Coca Cola

Before deciding whether to invest in Coca Cola it is advisable to analyze the trading chart. 

Source: Admirals MetaTrader 5, Coca Cola stock CFD, #KO, Weekly chart. Data range: 1 April 2016 to 21 February 2023. Performed on 21 February 2023. Please note: past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance

After the big fall in Coca Cola's share price because of the coronavirus and the panic in the markets, the price recovered quickly, entering a bullish channel over the last 2 years, even surpassing the high established at the time before the coronavirus. 

In September 2022 the price broke the lower line of the bearish channel, heading towards an important area of support and resistance. Finally, the price bounced off this support and then headed back into the bullish channel. 

It is currently in a support zone around $60 per share. Before deciding whether to buy Coca Cola shares, it is important to analyze possible price movements:

  • If it breaks the current price, it could head to the next support,
  • In case of a rebound, it could headfirst to the previous resistance around $62.60 per share and, in case of a break, to the all-time high.

For many, this may be a good opportunity to invest in Coca Cola at a better price, and buy its shares, but beware, the price may continue to fall. This is why there are many traders who trade CFDs on Coca Cola, to take advantage of the ups and downs of the price, bearing in mind that trading involves risk. 

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Invest in Coca Cola or Pepsi?

PepsiCo Inc., another global soft drink manufacturer, is Coca Cola's main competitor. Some of its best known brands are Pepsi, Sunny Delight, Gatorade, Lay's or Starbucks. It is the fourth largest food company in the world. Caleb D. Bradham created the recipe, a pharmacist, so its history at this point resembles the history of its great rival.

Pepsi is available in 195 countries. Eighty percent of its revenue comes not from Pepsi Cola, but from other beverages and foods, as the company has expanded its product offerings and diversified faster than Coca Cola and responded to healthy eating trends.

When deciding whether it is better to buy Coca Cola or Pepsi shares, what to weigh - the stock's yield or the dividend?

Both companies can be included in the same portfolio. The future of the food industry is determined by trends in favor of healthy food. Here, PepsiCo has responded faster, but Coca-Cola's speed is not a cause for concern either.

The fight between Pepsi and Coca-Cola in the soft drinks area has come to an end. Soft drinks with sugar are not popular so both companies had to change their strategy. 

Coca Cola is ahead of Pepsi in its light and sugar-free products. However, Pepsi has gained market share with the acquisition of Lays. 

Is it Profitable to Invest in Coca Cola in 2023?

As we've discussed throughout the article, Coca-Cola provides some assurance to investors in terms of dividend payouts. It has made such a payout for 60 years in a row, with each year increasing. As a result, Coca-Cola can be considered a worthwile asset to include in your investment portfolio if you want to invest in dividends and have some security. 

On the other hand, its share price has increased consistently over time, without major variations. This is attractive to long-term investors. Moreover, through CFDs you can invest in Coca Cola on the downside, taking advantage of all the price movements.

Frequently Asked Questions about Coca Cola Stock

How often does Coca Cola pay dividends?

Coca Cola pays dividends on a quarterly basis. During 2022 Coca Cola's dividend payment has been $0.44 per share each quarter.

How much does it cost to buy Coca Cola shares?

At Admirals, Coca Cola shares have a commission of $0.02, with the minimum commission being $1. Add to this the share price at the time of purchase and multiply it by the number of shares you want to buy. Consult the current promotions in relation to commissions.

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