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Our Pro.Cashback loyalty programme rewards you as you trade! As a professional client, your account will be automatically credited with an amount based on your trading volume, every month. No need to claim your reward or perform any specific action: just trade and enjoy your reward!

The more funds are added to your account, the more opportunities you have to trade and potentially profit from the biggest and most liquid financial market in the world!

This loyalty programme is only available for professional clients. If you wish to check your eligibility for professional status, please first become familiar with the difference between retail and professional trading terms and then visit our Admirals Pro page for further details.

Terms & Conditions

  • The rebate rate is 1 USD per million USD of notional volume.
  • You get the reward for your trading on Trade.MT4, Trade.MT5, Zero.MT4 and Zero.MT5 live accounts.
  • We calculate your reward according to your monthly trading volume, on the basis of closed positions.
  • You do not need to claim the reward or make any specific actions to get it - we’ll credit your accounts automatically on the first calendar day of each month.
  • We do not include into calculation your positions with duration less than 15 minutes or with profit/loss values less than two typical spreads of the traded instruments, as well as positions on single share CFDs and ETF CFDs.
  • There are no limits such as minimum payment values of minimum monthly volume figures.

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