Barclays Share Price Forecast 2024, 2025 and 2030

Jitanchandra Solanki
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During the pandemic, Barclays’ share price collapsed to levels not seen since the financial recession. However, since then banking stocks have performed better as central banks around the world began to increase interest rates once again to stave off inflation. 

With Barclay's share price now up more than 150% from the pandemic lows, investors are now asking the question: ‘Are Barclays Shares a Good Buy?’

In this ‘Barclays Share Price Forecast' article, we explore the latest news and factors affecting Barclays' share price and what the analysts are forecasting for the stock.

Barclays Share Price Forecast: Buy, Sell or Hold?

Most UK banking stocks had been trending lower even before the pandemic hit. Government regulation, loss of income through the closure of investment banking units and slow developments to compete with fintech banks have plagued the sector for years.

However, in 2024 analysts are now forecasting a long-term period of growth for banking stocks due to the internal changes that have improved banks’ balance sheets. Investors are also bullish on the banking sector as a whole due to central banks starting to increase interest rates – an environment that has historically been good for banks as they can lend out at a higher interest rate thereby helping their margins to increase.

Analysts have also started to turn bullish on banks. While you cannot solely rely on analyst ratings to make investment decisions – as they too can get it wrong – it does provide a good backdrop to help understand the sentiment regarding a company’s fundamentals.

According to 11 analysts polled by TipRanks, there are currently 8 buy ratings on the stock, 3 hold and 0 sell. 

Source: TipRanks

The Barclays share price forecast for the next 12 months has the highest price target at GBX 320.00p, the lowest price target at GBX 180.00p, providing an average price target of GBX 242.27p. At the time of writing this presents a near 48% uplift to the average price target for Barclays share price. 

Of course, a stock never moves in a straight line forever so there will be ups and downs that develop in the share price. As always, thorough research and risk management is prudent before making any decisions. Further below, we explore some of the factors affecting Barclays' share price. 

Barclays Share Price Live

Barclays Shares Buy or Sell Research

A common question among investors is ‘Should I buy Lloyds or Barclays shares?’ Let’s have a look at the fundamentals of Barclays. 

One reason many investors favour analysing Barclays' share price rather than other UK banks is that Barclays is a global bank that has multiple revenue streams. For example, Barclays not only operates as a high street bank but also as an investment banking and commercial banking division. 

This diversification has helped Barclays massively. Recent earnings report has shown that Barclays’ profits have surged higher as the investment banking division made nearly £1 billion in deal-making fees. This is largely thanks to a lot of deal-making and mergers and acquisitions in most stock sectors over the pandemic. 

While investment banking revenues are likely to dip at some point, the bank may receive a boost from its traditional banking services due to rising interest rates. Banks tend to perform well when interest rates rise as it can lead to bigger margins and profits on consumer and business lending. Barclays is well-positioned as a UK bank to capitalise on global trends with the Bank of England and US Federal Reserve continuing to raise rates in 2023 and beyond.

However, there are some major headwinds for UK banks. In the second half of 2023, analysts have been forecasting for banks to report declining balance sheets. The deposits consumers are putting into bank accounts are now falling faster than the loans being taken out. The cost of living crisis has had an effect on banking activity as well. 

Barclays Share Price Dividend

Bank shares tend to be popular among institutional pension fund managers who seek out income from shares in the form of dividend payouts. While some stocks pay out monthly dividends, most pay them out quarterly. Currently, the dividend amount for Barclays shares is GBX 5p annually. The last ex-dividend date was 23 February 2023 and Barclays has been increasing its dividend since February 2021. 

Source: TipRanks, 21 July 2023

With a rising dividend amount since February 2021, this may attract more longer-term investors to Barclays shares. However, with Barclays' share price still down from its record high in 2007, the stock may attract more value investors than growth investors

Currently, the dividend yield for Barclays shares is 4.55% making it a top dividend stock to watch. 

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Source: Example of a chart and trading ticket from the Trade.MT5 web trading platform. Illustrative purposes only. 21 July 2023.

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FAQs on Barclays Share Price Forecast


Why Barclays share price falling?

While Barclays' share price has risen nearly 150% since the lows of the pandemic it has struggled recently with its share price falling. The balance sheets at banks have been falling has consumers put less money in their accounts and instead borrow more due to the cost of living crisis. This has impacted most banking stocks. However, rising interest rates may help banking stocks to recover as they can lend out at a higher rate and increase their margins.


Is Barclays shares a buy sell or hold?

The consensus among 11 analysts polled by TipRanks, shows 8 buy ratings from Barclays share price, 3 hold and 0 sell ratings. 


What is Barclays dividend forecast for 2023?

Currently, Barclays has a dividend payout of 5p per share. Analysts are forecasting this to rise to 8.6 p per share by the end of 2023, increasing to 9.7p per share in 2024 and 10.5p in 2025. Currently, the Barclays annual dividend yield is 4.55%.



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