Top 5 Best deFi Stocks to Watch in 2022

Brandie E Blackler
10 Min read

You may have come across the term ‘deFi’ as of recently, which is short for ‘decentralized finance’. 

As the rise of cryptocurrency has dominated the market over the past five years or so, the development of deFi, or decentralized finance, is imminent. 

In this article we will explore the potentially best deFi stocks to watch in the year 2022, while also summarizing in more detail why this sub-trend of the crypto world is on the rise. 

What is Decentralized Finance (deFi)? 

As in direct relation to cryptocurrency, deFi describes the offering of various financial instruments without the intermediary need of a traditional bank, brokerage or exchange.  

Another relative term, dApps, or decentralized applications, can give more insight into how deFi works, exactly. 

How can this be made possible? How can you execute any sort of financial transaction without this traditional kind of intermediary? 

Given the rise of blockchain technology, more specifically, smart contracts, much more banking activity is taking place without the use of traditional banking entities. And hence, the concept of deFi is born. 

Ethereum (ETH) has without a doubt been the main driver behind the rise of deFi, as the Ethereum blockchain is arguably the very first chain to popularise smart contracts. 

With many deFi platforms, tokens and otherwise coming to life, more modern-thinking individuals are looking to the option of banking with deFi.  

Naturally, there is always an element of risk which comes with stepping away from the traditional banking structure. Many deFi applications promise high interest rates, however the risk of banking with them is also at an increased rate. 

With the risks of going all in with this new form of banking known, that is not the only way you can take part in this burgeoning financial trend.   

Naturally, rather than banking directly with deFi platforms, you can find potential in the listed companies and currencies which promote such, as we will outline. 

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What is the Difference Between deFi and Crypto? 

Cryptocurrency and deFi cannot be grouped in the exact same definition, but are very much hand in hand within the same matrix – the matrix being the blockchain. 

Moreso, cryptocurrency is within the umbrella of deFi; decentralized finance covers all financial services executed within the various public blockchain networks.  

For example, the Ethereum blockchain (the most popular at the moment) would house the transactions made – and Ether would be the cryptocurrency used in order to do so. 

Naturally, this concept of cryptocurrency, blockchain, ledgers, and hence deFi are relatively new, meaning the overall definition of such may also evolve over time.  

What are the Top 5 Best deFi Stocks to Watch in 2022? 

While the globe as a whole pays more attention towards blockchain solutions, one can only imagine that the popularity of deFi will continue to grow, along with cryptocurrency. 

At this point in time, below we will summarize some of the potentially best deFi stocks to watch throughout 2022.  

Each will be reviewed based on its short- and long-term investment potential according to current market conditions. 

Riot Blockchain Inc (RIOT) 

Yet another sub-niche within the cryptocurrency arena, cryptocurrency mining will likely continue to grow in popularity and importance.  

Riot Blockchain Inc supports Bitcoin mining via large-scale mining facilities across the US. Let’s take a look at both its trading and investment potential: 

  • RIOT’s price is very much tied to the price of Bitcoin, giving traders additional insight on patterns and how they can plan their positions for short-term trading. 
  • While RIOT feels exciting for investors, it is highly volatile and considered a high-risk stock – which is likely not ideal for the long term. 

Blockchain stocks like RIOT provide investors with an alternative way to participate in the thriving cryptocurrency evolution (opposed to buying or trading cryptocurrency or crypto CFDs). 

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Canaan Inc (CAN) 

Somewhat competitor to RIOT, Canaan Inc is another crypto-mining play that may be interesting to traders and investors looking to diversify in the deFi stock space.  

This public company focuses on the high-computing solutions needed to solve the complex queries involved in crypto mining. 

  • With a 52-week range of $3.50 - 39.10, given the right monitoring of the stock and risk profile, it may be ideal for day- or swing traders who have knowledge in the blockchain space. 
  • With the company being based in China, long-term investment potential is highly risky, considering China’s stance on crypto (however, the company could technically diversify outside of this sector). 

As with many companies in this new and evolving economic space, Canaan Inc could be a hit (or a miss). 

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CoinBase Global Inc (COIN) 

CoinBase has remained one of the most popular and trending publicly traded companies within the deFi world, as it remains to be one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.  

  • With expected earnings of Q4 2021 projected to be at $2.16 per share on $1.98 billion revenue (released 24/02/22), it could be worthwhile holding a comfortable amount of COIN for the long-term. 
  • Given the volatility of COIN and its respective industry, well-positioned short-term plays could be a valid trading strategy into the coming months of 2022. 

Admirals Trade.MT5 platform; COIN.US Daily chart, dates shown from 23 September, 2021, until 22 February, 2022. Past results are not applicable to future price predictions. 

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ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF CFD (BITO) 

The launch of the very first Bitcoin ETF was big news for the crypto community earlier in 2021.  

This event marked a new move towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrency becoming a more mainstream investment vehicle.  

  • With a 52-week range as of February 2022 of $20.90 - 44.29, and a current price around $25 per share, this could be a good entry point for either short- or long-term trades with BITO. 
  • Given current uncertainty and potential regulation of crypto, this can be a downside to the ETF’s success, or also a safe-haven if you wish to have a secure vehicle within the crypto market. 

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Polygon (MATIC) 

Web3.0 is a big topic at the moment, with all technology trends pointing one way or another in this direction.  

Potentially saving the best for last, Polygon is the ultimate scaling platform for Ethereum's dApps – likely one of the biggest current drivers behind deFi as an ecosystem. 

  • MATIC’s price point fluctuates within $1.20-2 at the moment, making it affordable for various strategies and positions, whether that be short- or long-term. 
  • Polkadot, Chainlink and Cardano are all in competition with Polygon, which is a definite risk to consider when mapping out any kind of strategy with this kind of asset group.      

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Are deFi Stocks a Buy? 

As with any new vertical or sub-vertical in the markets, time will always tell which companies (and currencies) will take the lead for both the short-term and the long-term. 

DeFi, like many other related industries, is very much in development, and this must be considered when choosing whether or not to trade or invest in the potentially best deFi stocks for 2022. 

As you have learned in this article, the potential of deFi goes beyond only investing in the publicly traded companies within the industry; you also have the options of ETFs, currencies, and surely, more will arrive as the industry matures. 

What do you think of these top 5 best deFi stocks to watch in 2022? 

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