Impact of Brexit on EU Traders with Admiral Markets UK Ltd

January 09, 2019 16:00

Dear Trader,

In response to the referendum held in 2016, the United Kingdom is due to leave the European Union from 23.00 GMT on 29 March 2019.

The Withdrawal Agreement negotiated by the UK and the EU includes a transitional period to the end of 2020, with a potential extension thereafter. Therefore, there would be no immediate impact of Brexit on EU traders who hold accounts with Admiral Markets UK Ltd, and Admiral Markets UK Ltd could continue to operate on the same legal basis during the transition period.

However, there is some uncertainty as to whether the Withdrawal Agreement will be approved by the UK Parliament.

Should the UK leave the EU on 29 March without an agreed deal, based on the current information available to us, our EU clients' position would be as follows:

  1. All transactions you enter into Admiral Markets UK Ltd prior to the UK leaving the EU will remain enforceable and will be honoured by Admiral Markets UK Ltd.
  2. Any client who chooses to trade with Admiral Markets UK Ltd should be able to do so. However, these clients would no longer benefit from the protection offered by the rules and regulations of the EU, and instead would benefit from the protection given by the legal and regulatory framework of the UK. At the time of leaving the EU, the UK regulatory framework will be in line with that in place throughout the EU.
  3. Your usual point of contact will remain available so you will have the support that you may need from time to time.

We will keep you updated with developments that will occur regarding the Brexit process and how these may impact on your dealings with Admiral Markets UK Ltd.

One World, Global Offers

Admiral Markets UK Ltd is part of the Admiral Markets Group of companies, a leading online trading and investments provider with four international companies.

These companies are each regulated and supervised by the relevant state authorities, and may offer different conditions in terms of margin requirements, product offerings and negative balance protection.

These companies include two additional EU-regulated companies, through which Admiral Markets is able to provide services in the event of a "no-deal Brexit", as well as an Australian regulated operating company.

Clients of the Admiral Markets Group of companies have the right to choose the company that offers the best conditions for their needs, and this will continue to be the case following the UK's withdrawal from the EU.

YES, the choice is yours! See our terms here.

With best regards

Admiral Markets UK Ltd

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