Melting Spreads, Micro Lots, Macro Sessions News

July 01, 2022 13:47

Dear Traders,

We’re delighted to offer you new and improved trading conditions!

For your better experience, we have reduced spreads and minimum trading volumes, while expanding trading hours.

Melting Spreads

Minimum typical spreads during normal trading hours are now lower than ever:

  • DAX40 - 0.8 Points
  • DJI30 - 1.5 Points
  • NQ100 - 0.8 Points
  • SP500 - 0.4 Points
  • EURUSD - 0.6 Pips

Micro Lots

DAX40 and DJI30 minimum lots are now lower for MT5 account holders, with micro lots of 0.01.

NQ100 micro lots are as low as 0.02.

Macro Sessions

You now have an extra two hours per week to trade and invest in DAX40 instruments for MT4 and MT5 accounts! Trading hours are now 01:00 to 02:59 and 03:15 to 23:59.

Trading hours are also extended by 75 minutes per week on the DJI30, NQ100 and SP500 instruments. The updated hours are: 01:00 to 23:59.

For more information, please see our Contract Specifications.

Kind regards, 


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