How to Connect to MT5 Account After 16 June 2018

June 04, 2018 16:42

How to Connect to MT5 Account After 16 June 2018

Dear traders,

Please be informed that on Saturday, 16 June 2018, we will be splitting our MetaTrader 5 trading server into two separate servers, as follows:

  • AdmiralMarkets-Live – please use this server for your live trading accounts in MT5;
  • AdmiralMarkets-Demo – please use this server for your demo accounts in MT5.

Your account credentials will remain the same, and your trading history and open positions will also stay unchanged.

Please find the steps that you'll need to follow to connect using the new servers after 16 June 2018:

I. How to Reconnect to a Live MT5 Account

Desktop terminals & WebTrader – you will not need to do anything special to reconnect to a live account using a desktop or browser-based MT5 terminal.

Mobile terminals – you will need to reconnect your mobile MT5 terminal just once by searching for 'AdmiralMarkets-Live' trading server in the application and entering your account credentials.

Please make sure to remember your account password so as not to have issues reconnecting your live account in MT5 mobile.

II. How to Reconnect to a Demo MT5 Account

You will need to reconnect your demo MT5 account by searching for 'AdmiralMarkets-Demo' in your trading terminal and entering your account credentials. This applies to all versions of trading terminals – desktop, web, and mobile.

If you have any questions or issues, please be advised to contact your locally-based customer support team in advance.

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Kind regards,

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