Announcing Fractional Shares from Admirals

February 07, 2022 13:00

Dear traders


Admirals is excited to announce Fractional Shares. Your key to a diversified portfolio — you get to choose how much, or how little, of each share to buy.  

With fractional shares, you can invest in your favourite stocks at just a fraction of the price of the share. The stocks available are the constituent members of leading indices such as:  

  • S&P500 
  • Dow Jones 
  • DAX40 
  • FTSE100 
  • CAC40 
  • IBEX35  

Over 700 stocks in total! 

Investing in fractional shares gives you the benefits of purchasing whole shares, in proportion to the share size purchased. You will still earn dividends on dividend-paying stocks, in proportion to the fraction purchased, and mandatory corporate actions such as a stock split will not impact your portfolio value any differently than it would traditional shares.  

There is no minimum order value you need to invest in fractional shares, and you can get started with your existing Invest.MT5 account, no special account needed. It’s even available on the Admirals App

We encourage you to refer to the Contract Specifications and Documents and Policies to familiarize yourself with the instruments offered on Invest.MT5 account type and get further details relevant to Fractional Shares trading. 

All the stocks you thought were out of reach are now in the palm of your hand. Get started with Fractional Shares today! 


Kind regards, 


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