Clients questionnaire 2015 bonuses! 2015.06.02

June 02, 2015 12:17

Dear Traders,

Meet the winning participants in Questionnaire 2015 bonus draw. The winners come from many different countries and were randomly drawn from a pool consisting of all of our 2015 questionnaire respondents.

Our fifteen winners are as follows:

  1. Davor Čanadi - Croatia
  2. Visnja Jurin - Croatia
  3. Oleg Savin - Moldova
  4. Fiodor Boescu - Moldova
  5. Bernabe Guerrero Valverde - Spain
  6. Vicens Miro Soriano - Spain
  7. Romina Dumea - Romania
  8. Sergey Sosnin - Russia
  9. Daniel Kania - Germany
  10. Malinka Stoykova - Bulgaria
  11. Jordi Alberts - Netherlands
  12. Slawomir Skrobisz - Poland
  13. Andrzej Kalinowski - Poland
  14. Konstantin Lytvynov - Ukraine
  15. Pavol Šlosár - Czech Republic

If you find yourself on the list above congratulations. Please be patient but rest assured we will definitely be in contact with you about claiming your bonus.

If you didn't find yourself on the winners list don't get too upset because we plan other similar campaigns in the near future for you!

We very much appreciate all of your feedback so a big thank you for taking the time to participate and for sharing your opinions with us. Your input will allow us to continue to improve our services, something that we constantly strive to do.

Kind regards,

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