Changes to server selection for Mobile MT4 2015.06.05

June 05, 2015 15:33

Dear Trader,

Please note that in order to improve the services we provide we will be making several changes to the list of applicable servers for our mobile trading platforms. These changes will take effect from June 6th 2015.

From June 6th in order to connect to our mobile app MetaTrader 4 it will be necessary for you to select a connection to one the following servers, depending on your account type.

Live Account Server Details:

  • Trade.MT4: AdmiralMarkets-Live2
  • Zero.MT4: AdmiralMarkets-Live3
  • Admiral.Classic: AdmiralMarkets-Live1

Demo Account Server Details:

  • Trade.MT4: AdmiralMarkets-Demo2
  • Admiral.Classic or Zero.MT4: AdmiralMarkets-Demo1

Please be aware that as of June 6th any previously saved connections will no longer function and that a new connection needs to be created using the details above according to the type of account you hold.

Best Regards,
Admiral Markets Team

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