Amendments to Trading Terms on Our DAX30 CFD

February 09, 2018 15:39

Dear Traders,

We're making some changes to the trading terms on our DAX30 CFD. These changes will apply to those with Trade.MT4 and Trade.MT5 accounts and will come into effect from session opening on Monday 12 February 2018.

The following amendments will be applied:


Old Value

New Value

Typical Spread (during main trading hours)

0.8 (typically fixed)

0.8 (floating)

Typical Spread (outside of main trading hours)

4.74 (typically fixed)

5.18 (floating)

Trading Schedule (EET)

01:00 Mon - 23:00 Fri; recess 23:15 - 23:30 & 23:59 - 01:00; pre-close margining from 22:00 Fri

01:00 Mon - 23:00 Fri; recess 23:00 - 23:30 & 23:59 - 01:00; pre-close margining from 22:00 Fri

These changes are related to our change in liquidity provider, who operates a slightly different trading session and prices using a floating spread, which fluctuates within a tight range.

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Kind regards,

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