6 new reasons why you need the remarkable MT4 Supreme

December 14, 2015 08:24

Dear Trader,

MetaTrader 4 Supreme now includes 6 more cost-free features in its already bursting collection of 60 features, indicators and Expert Advisors.

Aimed at helping Forex/CFD traders make more money with less effort, the added MT4 Supreme features are based on Expert Advisor and indicator technology. Germany Director Jens Chrzanowski says the features are "unprecedented innovations" available for our live and demo accounts.

"You can follow your personal order history directly in the chart, using implemented pivot points and extended renko charting. You can even control time-based stops and partial closing of orders with multiple stops on trades. MT4 Supreme is unbeatably effective for Forex/CFD traders," says Jens.

Feature highlights

Candle countdown indicator: Shows current candle's remaining time - you quickly see expected market movements.

C:\Users\Panda\Desktop\Candle Countdown.gif

High-low indicator: Daily/monthly highs and lows easily tracked - shows chart's critical support lines.


Order history indicator: Past trades easily spotted spotted in chart with with red and green lines plus arrows.


Pivot indicator: Easily see pivot points of any given time-frame in your chart analysis.


Renko indicator: Provides charts that are devoid of time - new candles only created when the market moves.


Improved mini terminal with multiple stops: Use a drawn chart line as stop-loss or take-profit.

C:\Users\Panda\Desktop\Multiple SL Eng.gif

For more information on this world-leading trading platform and its innovative features, visit our MT4 Supreme page.


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