PRO account is a choice for a seasoned CFD trader

With leverage up to 1:500 and loyalty programs our PRO accounts are for traders who are seeking for a greater degree of flexibility in their trading strategies. PRO accounts are available only to Wholesale Clients who meet eligibility requirements and passed through this 3-step application process


Benefits of PRO

Our Pro Account offers different features which are not available to Retail Clients



Get access to higher leverage


Cash rebates and other bonuses


Negative Account Balance Protection up to 100 000 AUD

PRO account

Who can open a PRO account?

Under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), clients are categorised as either Retail or Wholesale (professional). The PRO account is available only to Wholesale Clients who meet certain eligibility requirements, which we will detail further below

How will my client money be treated with PRO?

As an PRO account client we will continue to fully segregate your funds in the same way as before in accordance with the client money provisions of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)

CFD underlying asset
PRO account
Retail Account
FX Majors
500:1 (0.2%)
30:1 (3.33%)
Major indices, other FX and GOLD
500:1 (0.2%)
5:1 (20%)
Other indices
200:1 (0.5%)
10:1 (10%)
Commodities (other than GOLD)
500:1 (0.2%)
10:1 (10%)
Digital currencies
5:1 (20%)
2:1 (50%)
Shares, ETFs and all other underlying asset classes not named above
500:1 (0.2%)
5:1 (20%)
Other features
Negative Balance Protection


As a Wholesale (PRO) client, you will not be entitled to some of the protections afforded to retail clients under the Corporate Act 2001 (Cth):

  1. By default, we categorise all clients as Retail
  2. The protections afforded under ASIC’s product intervention measures for CFDs will not apply to Wholesale Clients
  3. We are not required to provide a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or the Financial Services Guide (FSG)
  4. Our external dispute resolution body, the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), has discretion to exclude complaints from wholesale clients

Am I eligible for an Admirals PRO account?

There are two ways to qualify for a PRO account

attach_money_24px Wealth test

You have net assets* of at least 2.5 million AUD or Your gross income for each of the last two financial years is at least 250,000 AUD per annum

Sophisticated Investor Test

Annual gross income of 100,000 AUD or Savings & investment portfolio over 500,000 AUD Additional requirement Trade experience - Min 20 qualifying trades* per quarter (for any 4 quarters in last 5 years) or Industry experience - Work or have worked a minimum of 12 months in a professional position in the financial services sector

How Can I Apply For PRO account?

  1. Choose Upgrade to PRO in the Trader`s room

    You will be required to demonstrate certain levels of income, savings and past experience with leveraged financial products

  2. Review Terms

    As a Wholesale Client you will be giving up some of the protections that are afforded to Retail Clients

  3. Provide Documents

    We will request additional supporting evidence from you to verify how you meet eligibility criteria


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