Upcoming investment.com & Admiral Markets webinar

December 18, 2015 07:14

Dear Trader,

It's not too late to register for an exclusive webinar hosted December 22, by popular trader Nenad Kerkez and Investing.com.

Nenad a.k.a. Tarantula will focus on teaching Forex traders how to trade high momentum and true breakouts in a classic, proven price action way. No indicators will be needed, as the method focuses on core price action and covers all Forex pairs.

"The methods I'll teach are part of my Practical Naked Trading (PNT ™) price action method and are very effective in trading the Forex market, " says Nenad.

"Your experience doesn't matter because these methods are simple and effective."

Nenad concludes that at the end of the webinar, traders can expect to better understand:

  1. how to define high momentum
  2. master candle concept
  3. true breakout concept
  4. proper retracement for entering a trade
  5. proper money management.


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