Trading Central Offers New Analysis Features for MetaTrader with Admiral Markets

April 25, 2019 15:30

Dear traders,

We're excited to announce that the new Technical Insight and Forex Featured Ideas analytic plugins powered by Trading Central are available for Admiral Markets' clients on both MT4 and MT5!

Admiral Markets' new offering of Trading Central's Technical Insight and Forex Featured Ideas form a powerful, advanced addition to both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. As a package, these two new award-winning tools empower today's trader with a wide range of rich technical analytics, trading indicators, and industry-leading pattern recognition.

Feature 1: Find Your Trading Direction with Featured Ideas

With over 8,000 financial instruments available via Admiral Markets' accounts, it's impossible for any trader to monitor all market movements for the best trading opportunities. This is where Featured Ideas™ can help.

Featured Ideas delivers unbiased, intraday trading ideas tailored to each individual trader's preferences such as holding timeframes, favourite patterns, or preferred currencies. These new features are currently available to all Admiral Markets clients using the desktop version of MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5, via the exclusive MetaTrader Supreme Edition plugin package.

Featured Ideas' transparent and informational feature set helps teach new traders about technical analysis, and assists traders of all skill-levels in crafting confident, timely decisions and strategies.

Each idea offers clear and concise commentary on the reasons why this idea was displayed, and what the technical events mean for price movement. Hovering over the pattern will teach you about that technical patterns, and "watching" an idea will allow you to keep track of how it performs so you can make a confident, educated decision next time you see that pattern.

Feature 2: Optimise Your Trading with Technical Insight

Technical Insight™ combines actionable, technical analysis from virtually every financial instrument to help traders optimise their trading strategies. Through a balanced feature set of detailed, proactive analytics, educational guidance, and customisable options, Technical Insight™ empowers traders of all skill levels to take control of their investments.

Traders can also continue to learn about any instrument through the "Learn more" and "View Historical Events" buttons. This progressive disclosure of information informs new traders on how to approach the jumping off point and begin trading, and supports their ability to continue learning at their own pace.

The Technical Summary Score removes the need to wade through extraneous details to form a decision. It enables traders to see a concise technical outlook across three timeframes in an instant!

Using a proprietary weight-of-evidence approach, the Score displays the directional outlook of either bullish, bearish or neutral, across short- to long-term timeframes, to provide simple and concise support at the moment it's needed.

How to Use the New Analysis Features

After running the installation program for MetaTrader Supreme Edition, you will find the new Trading Central features alongside the other Expert Advisors in the Desktop version of MetaTrader. MetaTrader Supreme Edition is our free trading plugin, to boost your trading platform with many additional features.

Simply drag Admiral-Connect from the Supreme Edition add-ons onto the chart to get actionable trading insights!

Get Started with MetaTrader 5

Are you new to trading? Or new to MT5?

You can start experiencing everything these new indicators have to offer by downloading MetaTrader 5 to your computer. Then, simply sign in with your trading account details (these are available in Trader's Room) to start trading!

Kind regards,

Admiral Markets

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