Trade the VIX, plus futures CFDs on top commodities and indices, with Admiral Markets!

November 11, 2019 16:00

As of Monday November 11, 2019, Admiral Markets is excited to announce that we are increasing our range of futures CFDs to encompass our most popular stock indices and commodities.

The new future-based CFDs launching today include Gold, the SP500, the DJI30 and the previously unavailable volatility index, VIX! All futures CFDs have zero overnight fees (swaps), which delivers great value to any traders holding positions for a long period.

Introducing the Volatility Index

The volatility index, also known as the fear index or VIX index, is a market estimate of expected volatility, calculated using the midpoints of real-time S&P500 index option bid and ask quotes.

This gives traders and investors a real-time gauge of how much the market thinks the S&P 500 Index will fluctuate in the 30 days following each tick of the VIX Index.

You asked, and we delivered!

At Admiral Markets, we regularly had traders telling us they wanted more tools that would help them anticipate volatility and protect themselves for it. Well, you asked, and we delivered - the VIX index could help you protect yourself from volatility and trade like a pro!

Today, we have enabled a CFD contract on the Volatility Index Futures that trade on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. This will empower traders with the knowledge of whether investors expect equity markets to remain calm in the next 30 days, or if any known or unknown event is likely to trigger a sell-off or rally.

With the VIX index, you can enjoy all of the following features:

  • Expiration: Monthly
  • Leverage: up to 1:30 (EU Retail clients 1:10)
  • Cost of trading: Typical spread of 0.100 index points, zero commissions and no overnight fees!
  • Platform: Trade.MT5 accounts in MetaTrader 5 platform
  • Market data: Free for all clients.

Learn more about the VIX index in our contract specifications.

Ready to start trading futures CFDs on the VIX index, plus gold, the SP500 and more? Then sign up for a free trading account with Admiral Markets today!

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