Admiral Markets teams up with SOS Children’s Village in Estonia

November 22, 2019 16:30

Admiral Markets is very happy to be one of the forces behind the SOS Children's Village's social campaign #OlemeKoos. The campaign draws attention to spending quality time with kids, instead of buying them new toys. Things to do not love kids, people do.

The aim of the SOS Children's Village Social Campaign is to value time with the family, reduce the cult of things and technology, and communicate to the general public that the Children's Village does not collect donations to buy things, but to find the best parents in the world.

"Every child misses the attention, love and closeness of one's parents. There are many mothers and fathers who occasionally spend too much time working. The #OlemeKoos campaign reminds us of what is really important in life - the time we spend with our children," said Sergei Bogatenkov, the CEO of Admiral Markets AS.

"At the SOS Children's Village, children without parents are brought up in loving and caring homes. It has 25 years of experience in raising kids. I value very highly the work that the mothers and fathers of this village are doing, giving their devotion and love to the children who have not had it in their previous lives. That's why Admiral Markets is very honored and thankful supporting the noble purpose of the SOS Children's Village," added Bogatenkov.

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