Lower minimum trade sizes for CFDs on major indices

June 28, 2022 10:57

Dear Traders,  

Trade CFDs on major indices with lower minimum lot sizes!

We’re pleased to announce that our most popular cash index CFDs have become even more accessible and fit for strategies that required precise position sizing.

In Trade.MT5 and Zero.MT5 accounts, our smallest supported transaction sizes as well as transaction size increment steps have changed for:

  • DAX40 Index CFD (platform symbols: [DAX40], [DAX40]-Z)
  • Dow Jones Index CFD ([DJI30], [DJI30]-Z)
  • NASDAQ100 Index CFD ([NQ100], [NQ100]-Z)

The new minimum lot for DAX40 and DJI30 Indices is 0.01 (before 0.1) and for NQ100 is 0.02 (before 0.1). The lot size increase step has changed to 0.01 for all instruments referred to above.

That’s not all!

Every week, you now have 2 more hours in total to trade the Europe’s economic bellwether DAX40 index, and over 1 hour per week to trade each of major USA indices. Our updated hours now cover late evening time periods when there used to be a break in trading.

Here is the updated trading schedule:

DAX40 Index CFD

01:05 – 02:59, 03:15 – 23:59 Monday

01:00 – 02:59, 03:15 – 23:59 Tuesday – Thursday

01:00 – 02:59, 03:15 – 22:59 Friday

Dow Jones Index CFD, NASDAQ100 Index CFD, and Standard and Poor's 500 Index CFD

01:00 – 23:59 Monday – Friday  

Extended trading hours apply to all MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 accounts where these products are available.

Best regards,


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