Extreme market volatility

March 09, 2020 12:30

Dear clients,

Equity and Oil markets have dropped significantly over the last few days, triggering coordinated cross-market trading halts across most prominent trading venues globally. During such time of extraordinary trading halts, providers of financial services, including Admiral Markets, are not able to support live pricing of their relevant CFD products as long as the underlying reference market is closed.

Whilst traders wait for the markets to inevitably reopen, we note that financial markets may still be very turbulent thereafter and your orders and positions may be subject to the increased risk of:

  1. Wider spreads and a greater chance of orders being rejected due to poor liquidity;
  2. Increased slippage on market orders and stop-loss orders;
  3. Close-only mode on any or all financial instruments provided by us;
  4. Trading halts and changes to trading sessions of our financial instruments.

These measures are just an indication of typical adverse effects that are inherent to greater volatility, and we reserve the right to introduce any additional temporary or permanent measures and trading restrictions as we may deem necessary during these exceptional circumstances.

We also note that, subject to relevant terms, we keep you covered with our negative account balance protection policy. However, such protection requires the orderly functioning of the financial markets and therefore may not be available to you in extreme circumstances.

Please ensure that you're comfortable with the size of your positions heading into the new trading week and, if required, consider either reducing your exposure to financial markets or adding funds to your accounts to withstand possible greater price fluctuations.

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