Admiral Markets Provides an Extensive Coverage of Stocks and ETFs in MetaTrader 5

May 09, 2018 12:25

Dear traders,

We're delighted to announce that today is a historically important date for Admiral Markets, as we're now offering the biggest instruments expansion we have ever made!

Starting from today, our clients holding MetaTrader 5 accounts are given access to a much greater variety of stocks and share CFDs, as well as exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which have been introduced by our company for the first time. The new instruments include:

  1. Trade.MT5 account: over 3,000 new stock CFDs and 80 ETF CFDs;
  2. Invest.MT5 account: over 4,000 new stocks and 100 ETFs.

The new offering provides top-volume stocks and exchange-traded funds (as well as CFDs on the majority of the same assets) from the following exchanges:

  1. Austria (VIE)
  2. Belgium (Euronext)
  3. Denmark (CSE)
  4. Finland (NASDAQ)
  5. France (Euronext)
  6. Germany (Xetra)
  7. Netherlands (Euronext)
  8. Norway (NASDAQ)
  9. Portugal (Euronext)
  10. Spain (BME)
  11. Sweden (NASDAQ)
  12. Switzerland (SWX)
  13. United Kingdom (LSE)
  14. United States (AMEX, NASDAQ and NYSE)

Together with the previously available instruments, our offering is now non-arguably one of the largest amongst all online trading venues. Along with the leading trading platform – MetaTrader 5 – we also provide some of the most competitive terms for both traders and investors. You will find more information in the Contract Specifications section on our website. Let us highlight the major details below:

1. Share and ETF CFDs on Trade.MT5 Account

  • Margin rates: from 1:2 to 1:20 (depends on the liquidity of the underlying asset)
  • Short selling: available for all CFDs
  • Commissions (per one-sided transaction):
    • EU – from 0.1%, minimum 4.0 EUR
    • UK – from 0.1%, minimum 4.0 GBP
    • US – from 0.01 USD, minimum 1.0 USD
  • Dividend adjustments:
    • long - 65-85% (paid)
    • short -100% (charged)
  • Daily financing:
    • if the benchmark rate ('BR') is positive, the daily financing is calculated as BR +/- 2.5%;
    • if the BR is negative, the daily financing is calculated as -2.5% / BR - 2.5%;
    • the daily financing is charged for long positions and paid for short positions (if the resulting financing rate for short positions is negative, it's a charge).

2. Stocks and ETFs on Invest.MT5 Account

  • Margin rate: 1:1
  • Short selling: not available
  • Commissions (per one-sided transaction):
    • EU – from 0.12%, minimum 5.0 EUR
    • UK – 8.0 GBP for stocks, 0.07% for ETFs and minimum 8.0 GBP for both
    • US – from 0.01 USD, minimum 1.0 USD
  • Dividends: 100% (paid)
  • Taxes collected by us:
    • UK – Stamp Duty Reserve Tax (SDRT): 0.5%;
    • France – Taxe sur les transactions financières: 0.3%. Charged for stocks from this list.
  • Other ongoing costs: none

The market data on shares, ETFs, and their respective CFDs is available in real-time at no charge for live accounts and is delayed by 15 minutes on Demo accounts.

We hope that this offering will help our clients discover new markets and trading techniques and let us get closer to becoming a one-stop-shop for traders and investors around the globe.

Our New Milestone: Offering of Securities and Equities with Emphasis on MetaTrader 5

This expansion is a truly important milestone for Admiral Markets Group, which started as a Forex company more than 15 years ago, then evolved into a successful CFD provider, and now transforms into a top-tier, multi-asset brokerage firm that operates on derivative and cash markets.

Moreover, today we also take a great leap forward in terms of promotion of the world's most advanced trading platform – MetaTrader 5, among the trading community and classic investors, with the former getting access to investment opportunities and the latter obtaining an incredibly powerful trading tool. Without the capabilities of MetaTrader 5, which is as different from MetaTrader 4 as the modern electric car is from the good old diesel, it would not be possible to connect the trading and investing worlds and provide such a diverse offering.

We encourage all clients with MetaTrader 4 accounts to learn more about MetaTrader 5 and consider switching to Trade.MT5 and/or Invest.MT5 accounts, as MetaTrader 4 has reached its technical limits with the current Trade.MT4 offering. At the same time, MetaTrader 5 provides nearly unlimited space for further development, and we'll continue to add more markets and supplementary services to the MetaTrader 5 accounts.

Please note that the commission and daily financing rates specified above will be applied to the previously available stocks and stock CFDs on MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 accounts starting from the session opening on Tuesday, 22 May, 2018.

If you are new to trading CFDs on equities and securities on margin, please be advised to familiarise yourself with the Key Information Documents for stock CFDs and ETF CFDs before you start trading these products.

Apply for Trade.MT5 Account

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Kind Regards,

Admiral Markets

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