Admiral Markets offers lot fractions on index CFDs 2016.09.05

September 05, 2016 13:49

Dear Traders,

This year, we've made our CFD offering on indices of the world's largest exchanges more appealing, by gradually:

  1. decreasing our spreads and margin rates
  2. expanding the list of instruments
  3. adding special features like extended trading hours and fixed in-hour spreads.

And today we're taking another step toward satisfying the global trading community, by enabling you to trade lot fractions of all main instruments in this category.

What's new today?

From now on, you can trade mini contracts starting from 0.1 lots on:

  1. [DAX30], [DJI30], [SP500] and [NQ100]
  2. the majority of the remaining cash indices1,2.

Your benefits

  1. Active CFD traders should be particularly pleased with this change, as the decreased minimum lot increment allows for more accurate money management. For example, if you have increased your account's equity by trading [DAX30] with 1.0 lots - you might be willing to continue your strategy with a 10% increase in your trade sizes. Conversely, if your equity decreases - you may need to reduce your trade sizes. After this change, you will be able to flexibly manage your trade size by using increments like 0.9 lots, 1.1 lots, 1.2 lots, 2.8 lots etc.

  2. This offer is much more fitting for smaller accounts too. Now CFDs on the world's major indices are as accessible as Forex instruments. For example, the minimum margin requirement for the smallest possible contract on:

    1. EUR/USD (0.01 lots) is 2 EUR, with the point value being 10 cents
    2. [DAX30] (0.1 lots) is around 5 EUR, with the full index point being 10 euro cents.

Best CFD Broker 2016, says DKI in Germany

In 2016, Admiral Markets UK was named Best CFD Broker 2016 by the DKI institute. And now the 'best' is offering even more. You do the math.

Please note:

  1. if the contract volume steps starting from 0.1 lots, cannot be chosen in MT4's Order window - please restart your trading terminal
  2. mini contracts are not available for instruments with the lowest value of the full lot: [JP225], [HSI50], [OBX25].


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