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Mai 22, 2015 08:47

Global questionnaire 2015 Terms and Conditions

1. General terms

1.1. „Global questionnaire 2015" campaign (Campaign) is valid from 15.05.2015 till 01.09.2015.

1.2. The Campaign is held by Admiral Markets UK Ltd (Admiral Markets)

1.3. Only people with 18 years of age or older are eligible to participate in the Campaign.

1.4. By participating in the Campaign, the participant confirms his agreement to the terms and conditions of the Campaign, including publishing their full name in case the award is granted to the participant.

1.5. In order to participate in the give away of 15 bonuses (prizes), 500 USD each, the participant must complete official questionnaire of the company and submit their credentials.

1.6. Participant's contest registration credentials should fully correspond to the data submitted in Trader's Room when opening a live trading account with Admiral Markets. In case the credentials differ, a participant can be disqualified, which will lead to a removal of the prize rights.

2. Prizes

2.1. 15 participants can each win 500 USD to their trading account. Campaign budget in total is 7500 USD.

2.2. Prize money is credited to the client's live trading account opened with Admiral Markets.

2.2.1. If the winner doesn't have a trading account opened with Admiral Markets yet, a live trading account should be opened according to the account opening procedure. The winner's right to receive the prize is terminated if a live trading account is not opened with Admiral Markets within 5 business days from the results publication.

2.2.2. The winner cannot fully or partially withdraw prize amount from the live trading account or transfer to other trading accounts before reaching a mandatory "required trading volume" as follows:

Funded trading account

Required trading volume

Prize money

500 USD

100 lots

2.2.3. In case the required trading volume is reached by using non-FX instruments, conditions established by paragraph 2.6 apply.

2.3 The winner may withdraw and transfer the deposited funds together with any profits. If as a result of such transfer the balance on the live trading account falls below the initial deposit to which the bonus was added, the participant will lose the bonus and it will be fully withdrawn from the account. The Bonus funds are considered to be the property of Admiral Markets until the participant completes the required trading volume.

2.3.1. Each person can only receive the bonus one time.

2.4. Required trading volume is calculated in lots, whereas 1 lot equals to 100 000 currency units traded 'round-turn', i.e. opening of 100 000 currency unit position and closure of this same position will be counted as 1 lot of required trading volume if it complies to terms set forth in paragraph 2.5.

2.5. A valid trade for required trading volume calculation is a full round turn, closed trade that complies with all three of the following criteria:

  • the trade remained open at least 15 minutes 00 seconds;
  • the profit or loss in this trade is more than 3 points;
  • the trade was not hedged. A hedged trade means opening a reversed position and therefore offsetting trade on the same instrument in equal or similar (±30%) size within 15 minutes of opening the initial position.

2.6. Due to the significant difference in margin requirements and default contract sizes for non-currency instruments, the calculation of required trading volume for such instruments is carried out by Admiral Markets with the following dividers:


GOLD – 1, SILVER - 10

Commodities futures CFDs:

GAS - 5, OIL - 5

Indices CFDs:

WIG40 - 200,

SP500 - 100,

NQ100, CAC40, STOXX50 - 50,

FTSE100, DAX30, JP225, ASX200, IBEX35 - 20,

DJI30, MIB40 - 10

Stocks CFDs:

All stocks CFDs - 1000


When a Participant opens a position for 100 contracts of FTSE index, the number of the contracts (100) is divided by the divider of the instrument (20), so the deal size that will be taken into account for calculating the required trading volume is: 100 / 20 = 5 lots.

2.7. The time for generating the required trading volume is limited. If the required trading volume has not been completed in 180 (one hundred and eighty) days from the day of receiving the bonus to their trading account, the award will expire and Admiral Markets is entitled to remove the prize amount or bonus from the trading account without a prior notice.

3. Final Provisions

3.1. At all times, Admiral Markets reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the Campaign or cancel this Campaign without a prior notice.

3.2. Admiral Markets accepts requests for prizes only in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Campaign.

3.3. The decisions made by Admiral Markets during the Campaign are final. If Admiral Markets suspects that a participant has abused or attempted to abuse a Campaign or has otherwise acted with a lack of good faith, Admiral Markets reserves the right to deny, withhold, cancel or withdraw from that participant any prize. In addition, the General Terms and Conditions established by Admiral Markets shall apply.

3.4. All disputes or situations not covered by these terms and conditions will be resolved according to Admiral Markets' procedure for resolution of client complaints.

3.5. In case of any ambiguity, conflict or inconsistency between the original Campaign terms and conditions in English and any translation of the Campaign's terms and conditions, the English terms and conditions shall prevail.

3.6. It is the sole responsibility of the participant to ensure that all taxes and fees applicable to the award in their country are paid.

Warning: Trading with currencies and CFDs is speculative in nature and could involve the risk of loss. Such trading is not suitable for all investorsюю

Participation in the campaign should not be a main motivation for trading currencies and CFD.

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