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Admiral Markets Ltd Announces Winners of the First Season of the ForexBall™ 2009 International Trading Competition 2009.06.10

Junio 10, 2009 14:00

Dear Traders!

We are glad to announce winners and prizes of the first season of the ForexBall™ 2009 International Trading Competition that finished on June 7th, 2009. More than 2200 traders from 28 countries of Eastern and Western Europe forming 4 geographical sections were competing independently on demo accounts.

Winners of the first season are established separately for each section. The prize funds are distributed between the Top 5 participants of each geographical section as follows:

Name Country Profit Prize
1 Andrew 'Andersen' Senchik Russia 345 694 $1000
2 Dmitriy 'D_Mitrich' Stepanov Russia 227 996 $500
3 Pavel 'Belov' Belov Russia 86 762 $300
4 Vladimir 'minherz' Skorgathev Russia 71 219 $100
5 Nurlan 'Nurlan' Anabekov Kazakhstan 39 005 $100
Name Country Profit Prize
1 Konstantin 'Sorcerer' Gorbunov Estonia 54 628 $1000
2 Filipp 'fil' Tokmakov Estonia 36 533 $500
3 Aldo 'Aldo' Virula Estonia 21 124 $300
4 Tomas 'psixinis' Jasionis Lithuania 16 296 $100
5 Erik 'erka' Lepp Estonia 15 222 $100
Name Country Profit Prize
1 Marcin 'Marcin888' Kurowski Poland 267 143 $1000
2 Jolanta 'krysob2' Sobol Poland 17 973 $500
3 Pawel 'mira' Aleksiejczyk Poland 13 929 $300
4 Przemek 'bull' Dacko Poland 11 023 $100
5 Miroslaw 'manypl' Namojlik Poland 9 558 $100
Name Country Profit Prize
1 Svetozar 'Activ4o' Tanev Bulgaria 38 598 $1000
2 George 'xxtazzz' Dimitrov Bulgaria 24 620 $500
3 Tsvetozar 'neron12345' Nikolov Bulgaria 16 944 $300
4 Lacob 'alessy' Alexandra Romania 13 761 $100
5 Radu 'arcond' Petrica Romania 13 039 $100

We thank these outstanding traders for their custom and hope to see their names in subsequent rounds of the contest. It would be desirable to make special mention of traders from Estonia, Russia, Poland and Bulgaria which have shown outstanding trading skills and evidently dominated in their geographical sections!

If you see your name in the above list, please submit scan-copies of your passports or ID cards to contest@forextrade.ee

Additionally, we would like to inform you that the first season of the ForexBall™ competition will be started on June 29th for the two new divisions – DivisionOriental (China) and DivisionTenggara (Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand):

Everyone is welcome to join the ForexBall™ team in the second season of the competition which will be carried out from September 14th, 2009 (12.00 GMT) till October 4th, 2009 (12.00 GMT). Registration will be open in