'10x10' #5 Winners and Awards 2008.07.14

Julio 14, 2008 05:32

Winners of the 5th round of the ‘10x10’ (DEMO) competition are:

1st $1000 Mihail 'Mega' Marin Russia $76 854.42
2nd $500 Ronghai 'rmybrm' Wang China $75 888.15
3rd $300 Hristo 'DDHRISTO' Dimitrov Bulgaria $60 087.53
4th $100 Maxim 'supermax' Mironov Russia $56 107.34
5th $100 Dmitrii 'GEM' Chemakin Russia $54 883.27

We thank these outstanding traders for their custom and wish to see their names in award lists of subsequent rounds of the competition. If you see your name in the above list, please submit scancopies of your passports or ID cards to contest@forextrade.ee

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