What are Bitcoin ETFs? Bitcoin ETFs, Explained

Brandie E Blackler

It was only a matter of time before the eventful and volatile world of cryptocurrency merged with the world of traditional finance; alas, Bitcoin ETFs are now on the market. 

What are Bitcoin ETFs? How do you invest in Bitcoin ETFs? Can you Short Bitcoin ETFs? Both the modern and traditional investor are taking notice of this new investment option. Allow us to break down the details regarding what are Bitcoin ETFs, and how you can invest in them. 

What are ETFs? 

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) have been in the traditional investment space for a long time (since 1993, to be exact) and tend to be a generally attractive option for various types of investors.  

Why? ETFs are generally considered to be low-risk with low cost to entry. An ETF is a security which holds a basket of assets such as commodities, stocks, bonds, futures contracts or an index fund, which are traded on the exchange, the same as a stock. An ETF can also track and trade on the price of one individual asset as well, which would be a correct description of the Bitcoin ETF. Overall, an ETF allows for portfolio diversification which investors of most budgets have access to. 

Given that ETFs trade the same as stocks, in that they trade the liquidity of equity, most brokers will allow you to trade ETFs on margin, with the option to short as well. The ETF trades at the live market price (unlike mutual funds), making ETFs attractive to not only investors, but traders as well – while also keeping in mind the aforementioned risks or extra costs. 

What are Bitcoin ETFs? 

When you take an asset like Bitcoin, which is officially the best performing asset of 2021, and combine it with a vehicle like ETFs, it certainly makes for an interesting combination. 

Given the above explanation of ETFs, how can this be crossed with the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin? What are Bitcoin ETFs?  

To put it simply, traders and investors can gain exposure to Bitcoin via Bitcoin ETFs without actually having to own Bitcoin, itself, as an underlying asset. This can be compared slightly to Bitcoin CFDs. The specified exchange-traded fund tracks the price of Bitcoin via futures contracts on the stock exchange during trading hours, allowing the option to both Buy and Sell positions. 

After much back and forth over the years, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved the very first Bitcoin ETF by the ProShares firm on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as of October 19th, 2021. It is called the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO.US), pictured below. The ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF is currently available only for clients of Admiral Markets AS Jordan Ltd and Admiral Markets Pty Ltd.

Source: Admirals Jordan contract specifications (BITO.US), 1 month - Data range: from October 26, 2021, to November 23, 2021, accessed on November 24, 2021, at 13:00 CET. - Please note: Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.   

What Are the Advantages of Bitcoin ETFs? 

Many crypto enthusiasts will argue that rather than investing in or trading a Bitcoin ETF, it is better to buy Bitcoin, as an asset, from an exchange. 

As with all forms of investing, there are always multiple perspectives here and not every solution is suitable for everyone. 

Probably the main advantage of Bitcoin ETFs, is that investors who may not be so crypto savvy can take part in the cryptocurrency market. Your average person is not necessarily familiar with cryptocurrency exchanges, wallet keys, secure crypto storage in hard wallets – all of the aspects which hold high importance to protecting literal crypto or Bitcoin assets. 

With a Bitcoin ETF, investors can access the ETF via their usual broker and either trade or invest in the Bitcoin ETF as they would any usual stock or asset. Some brokers, such as ourselves here at Admirals, offer insurance to our clients, most recently up to $100.000 to our Admiral Markets AS Jordan Ltd clients. The option of insurance naturally gives the brokerage client further security in their activity.

What Are the Disadvantages of Bitcoin ETFs? 

With any advantage of an investing option, there is naturally always disadvantages as well. 

When comparing trading Bitcoin ETFs with crypto itself, Bitcoin ETFs can only be bought or sold during market trading hours. As you may know, when buying and selling Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency on the exchange, you are able to do so 24/7. 

Holding your own crypto in an exchange does not in fact render any fees, or management fees. Often when holding ETFs with a broker, you will incur management fees for the maintenance of the account. This may not make financial sense from a Dollar Cost Averaging perspective, if you plan to make multiple transactions over time – as for example, a trader would. 

Lastly, when purchasing Bitcoin ETFs via a broker, you must always adhere to the Know Your Customer (KYC) policy, where the cryptocurrency exchange is generally free range. This can be considered both an advantage and disadvantage, as having a KYC policy in place ensures your account protection. 

If you would like to learn more about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain in general, feel free to view the below video from our experienced trader, Jens Klatt:  

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How to Trade or Invest in Bitcoin ETFs? 

Any individual who has any involvement in the financial industry has certainly heard of Bitcoin, and certainly the many other cryptocurrencies in existence.  

Anything crypto-related has been on-trend throughout the year 2021, if not from much earlier. It is always wise to first have some general understanding about the cryptocurrency market before depositing real capital to trade or invest – Feel free to browse our Cryptocurrency article library in order to get more familiar. 

If you feel now is the right moment to diversify your investing and trading efforts in order to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies, we will explain how you can do so with Admirals.  

First off, you have the option to trade cryptocurrency CFDs, as we offer 42+ various pairings with USD, EUR and digital currency crossings (to Admiral Markets Cyprus Ltd users only). In regards to the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (available to users with Admiral Markets AS Jordan Ltd and Admiral Markets Pty Ltd accounts), you can access this via our Invest.MT5 account. You have the option to both Buy and Sell the Bitcoin ETF, allowing you to diversify your position opportunities based on the price movements. 

What is the Bitcoin ETF Ticker? 

You can find the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF CFD under the ticker BITO.US in accounts registered under Admiral Markets AS Jordan Ltd and Admiral Markets Pty Ltd. 

How to Short Bitcoin ETFs

As mentioned, we give the option to both Buy and Sell the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF.  

If you want to short the Bitcoin ETF CFD, you are to choose the Sell option. Short-selling is a strategy to put in place if you believe the asset will fall in price.  

For example, new assets on the market are generally known to peak in price when they are first released on a given exchange. So, what many traders may do, is wait for a 24-hour period after a stock's release, and then short the market by opening a Sell position on the asset. 

To further on that example, the BITO.US price peaked at the price of around $43 around its debut. At this point, if you decided to open a Sell position of 100 shares at the price of $43, and waited until the price fell to $36 (the current approximate price at this time of writing), you could close the position for a profit of $700. The calculation of this is very simple: [($43 - $36) x 100]. 

It is also important to keep in mind that any broker commissions may be deducted from the trade profit. There is also always the possibility of acquiring a loss when Shorting or Selling the market. 

Below shows the trade window in an Admirals PTY Invest.MT5 account, with the option to both Buy and Sell the BITO.US ETF asset. 

Source: Admirals PTY Invest.MT5 account (BITO.US), Trade order, accessed on November 24, 2021, at 13:00 CET. - Please note: Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

What is the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF?  

The ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF, as mentioned, is the very first SEC approved Bitcoin ETF which was made available on any given stock market, in this case the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). 

This fund is based on managed exposure to Bitcoin futures contracts as a way to gain capital appreciation during trading hours, without of course having to own the actual Bitcoin underlying asset, itself. Impressively, the BITO ETF made records highs with a $1.2 billion trading volume on its second day of trading – the fastest any ETF has ever reached the $1 billion mark, according to Bloomberg

As we have mentioned several times, the BITO.US ETF is only available to Admirals AS Jordan Ltd and Admirals Pty Ltd clients currently.  

Additionally, when you register any account with us, you may have the option of margin trading, and you will be covered by the $100.000 automatic insurance coverage. 


The evolution of cryptocurrency crossing with the traditional world of finance is thriving. Where will this direction go to next? Only time will tell, but as this progression is in the early stages, now is the time to take notice as an investor. Education is key, and the more you know, the better you can inform yourself on future investment decisions. 


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