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Septiembre 29 16:00 - 17:30 UTC
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Many traders know Dr. Elder from the book Trading for a Living, which has become a guide to the world of stock trading for many novice stock speculators. Admirals is pleased to announce the launch of a series of webinars featuring trading legend Dr. Alexander Elder!

Al final de este webinario, usted sabrá:

  • How the legendary trader conducts his work
  • Key trading rules to boost your strategy
  • Risk management rules to protect your trades
  • Up-to-date news that may affect the market

Más información

You will also get:

  • An overview of the main key instruments (S&P 500, DAX40, EURUSD, GOLD, Brent)
  • An overview of US stock market
  • Your questions answered during a Q&A session

The webinar is for both beginner and experienced traders alike!

Please, note that the webinar will be in English!

Dr. Alexander Elder
Dr. Alexander Elder

Ponente webinario

Trader, expert, consultant and one of the world authorities in the field of exchange trading, technical analysis, psychology of the exchange business, and finance.

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