Admiral Markets Card Tutorial: Transform Your Finances

July 09, 2021 12:59 UTC

Here at Admirals (formerly Admiral Markets), we strive to bring the most beneficial financial resources to our customers in an end goal of complete financial cohesiveness; we are your full-service financial hub. The more convenient and internationally accessible your experience becomes with us, the better we can serve you - that's how we know we are doing the best job for our users.

  In this Admiral Markets Card tutorial, we will walk you through how you can improve your financial experience with us by having the opportunity to manage funds, invest and spend with our ground breaking new product. This product is one of the cornerstones in our Personal Finance toolbox for our valued users.

What is the Admiral Markets Card? Who is Eligible? 

Modern times require modern solutions. The Admiral Markets Card is an innovative Visa debit card which you can use in both a physical and virtual form, in sync with your Admirals account. The Admiral Markets Card works in conjunction with your Admiral Markets Wallet which is connected to your Trader's Room. 

Both the virtual and physical card is available to the Admiral Markets Cyprus Ltd private entity clients who are at least 18 years old. Our customers who have an EEA residency are currently the only customers eligible for this additional service. Each Admirals customer who is eligible for an Admiral Markets Card may only obtain one physical and one virtual card (which work in conjunction with each other). It is notable to also mention that only Admirals customers who have passed the full KYC process can obtain the physical and virtual card (so be sure to fully verify your details with us, in order to reap all of the great benefits from our products!). In short, you must have a live account with us.

How Does the Admiral Markets Card Work? 

If the potential of the Admiral Markets Card has got you excited (and it should!) you'll be pleased to know you can get up and running in just a few clicks. 

In order to obtain your Admiral Markets Card, either the virtual or physical card, you must first have passed the full KYC process. This includes submitting all of your documents to verify your identity and proof of address. Regardless, if you want to make the most out of your Admirals account, this is necessary. Once you've completed this crucial step, the world of financial management is literally, at your fingertips. See the steps below for retrieving both the virtual and physical Admiral Markets Card. 

Admiral Markets Virtual Card 

If you're ready to get started on the journey to simplify your financial life when it comes to your activity with Admirals, the virtual card is your definite first step.  

  • When you log into your Admirals Dashboard (with 2FA on, this is crucial), you will see¬†a Card module which you can click on to 'Get the Card';¬†

  • Before officially generating the virtual card, you must add funds with a top up. You can use a¬†third-party¬†payment method, such as your existing credit card,¬†wire transfer or¬†Skrill, or you can use¬†the¬†Admiral¬†Markets Wallet or Trading Account.¬†Don't forget to review and¬†accept¬†our standard Terms and Conditions.¬†

  • Only moments after you've done the above step ‚ÄstThe¬†Admiral Markets virtual card is ready to go!¬†You can access it to manage funds by investing, spending or adding funds any time you like via the Dashboard.¬†

Admiral Markets Physical Card 

While the Admiral Markets virtual card is useful for any activity within your Dashboard and Trader's Room, as well as with online purchases, the physical card certainly takes your options to the next level. The sleek and sophisticated physical Admiral Markets Card not only shows 'you mean business', but you can do business by making purchases basically anywhere in the world which accepts Visa. 

Easily request your physical card within the same Dashboard of your Admirals account - It's very simple to make the initial request. The main point to keep in mind is¬†to double check¬†the delivery address¬†‚Äď if this is incorrect, naturally your delivery will be delayed.¬†

As you can see, the physical Admiral Markets Card is all class in appearance ‚Äď Nothing looks bad in matte black, after all! Wouldn't you agree? Presentation is key...¬†

Where Can I Use the Admiral Markets Card?  

Putting the value of convenience first, you can use¬†the¬†Admiral Markets Card both online and in physical stores, anywhere in the world where Visa is accepted. Given our client jurisdiction, the currency of our Admiral Markets Card is in Euro (‚ā¨) with the maximum balance of ‚ā¨12,000.00 (twelve thousand euros). You have the flexibility to top up your card anytime you like, with various methods, which we will get into further¬†on¬†in this article.¬†

Perhaps the most beneficial option for where to use¬†the¬†Admiral Markets Card, is the fact that you can automatically invest¬†funds into your Trading Account ‚Äď Any transfers here¬†from¬†the¬†Admiral Markets Card or Wallet are instant.¬†You can easily put your money to work by investing in 3000+¬†financial instruments¬†with ease; it's likely a better option than that shopping spree abroad, wouldn't you agree?¬†


What Payment Methods Connect with My Card? 

Of course, an important point to address, how will you add funds to your Admiral Markets Card? Since it works in conjunction with your Wallet and Trader's Room account, you can actually transfer funds from here, over to your card instantly. Funds may be added to the Admiral Markets Wallet via wire transfer, credit card, and Skrill, our traditional deposit methods. 

And what's more, you can actually connect the Admiral Markets Card to both Google Pay and Samsung Pay! Simply 'Add a Card' as you would with any usual card, and you are set. The aim of the Admirals Market Card is truly to make your financial life and financial management as easy and connected as possible; this is our belief regarding modern finances. 

How Does the Admiral Markets Card Enhance my User Experience? 

Why should you get an Admirals Card in the first place? Well, as you may imagine and as we have gradually summarized, it comes with plenty of benefits. You can quite literally manage all of your activity within your Admirals account with the AM Card. Since it is connected to both your Admirals Wallet and Trader's Room, you are always able to access your funds - You can invest, manage and spend your funds held with ease.  

What are some of the additional core benefits to obtaining an Admirals Market Card? 

  • Transfer your funds into another currency at interbank exchange rates, avoiding costly bank fees if you were to use other traditional banking options.¬†
  • No hidden management fees - Your virtual card is free, and your¬†physical¬†card¬†costs a one-time ‚ā¨10 fee upon issuing, with¬†a ‚ā¨2 monthly management fee.¬†We believe in transparency. Keep in mind the third-party fees such as with ATMs¬†and Point of Sales, which we cannot directly influence.¬†Check the link here¬†for a full breakdown of any associated fees.¬†¬†
  • Use your AM Card anywhere in the world as a Visa card, which gives you minimal fees and ultimate flexibility.¬†
  • Compatible with both Google Pay and Samsung Pay! We partner with the biggest names in payments to make your financial life easier and¬†more manageable (soon to work with Apple Pay as well).¬†


Ultimately, we want our users to be able to invest, manage and spend when they choose to, with the utmost transparency and convenience. This point very much underlines the backbone and ultimate goal of the Admirals brand and our core products.  

We strive to be your ultimate financial hub with our overall list of offerings; your financial ease and success keeps us driven to reach bigger and better feats.  

Whether you have been a valued and long-term customer, or if you're new¬†to the Admirals family, we want you to benefit; sign up with us today in order to start¬†trading with either a live or demo account ‚Äď or login to your Dashboard¬†and request¬†the¬†Admiral Markets Card.¬†

Brandie E Blackler
Brandie E Blackler Trader and Financial Writer, Admirals, London

Brandie has worked professionally as a financial writer and digital marketing consultant for 12 years, while she also is an active retail swing trader and investor for the past 7 years. Brandie specializes in digital currencies and CFD trading at Admirals